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Microbial Molecular Biologist MS level positions

Lisa L Huang Lisa.L.Huang at usa.dupont.com
Wed May 5 10:25:54 EST 1999

Microbial Molecular Biologist MS level positions (Two) - DuPont Central
Research & Development

     Two positions are currently available for microbial molecular
biologists to join an interactive group in DuPont Central Research &
Development (Wilmington, Delaware).  Interest in cellular function is a
prerequisite for these appointments.  The individual should have knowledge
of microbial genetics, microbial physiology and biochemistry with an
emphasis on biological regulatory mechanisms including feedback inhibition,
covalent protein modification and transcriptional regulatory mechanisms
such as repression and attenuation. It is anticipated that the successful
individual will perform a variety of molecular biological techniques
including recombinant DNA methodology, strain construction, small molecule
extraction/measurement and RNA extraction/measurement.  Gene expression
profiling using DNA arrays and gene fusions will be a focus.  He/She will
be using various bioinformatics tools for data aquisition and analysis.

     - Master's degree in biological science or equivalent on-the-job
     - Willingness to work with radioisotopes
     - Laboratory experience in: Recombinant DNA technology,
microbiological  culture techniques, microbial genetics &
     - Computer skills, including word processing, spreadsheets, database,
graphics and the Internet in both MAC and PC         environments
     - Desire to present research directions/results in a variety of forums

     If interested, please email your resume to Lisa Huang
(Lisa.L.Huang at usa.dupont.com) and Bob LaRossa
(Robert.A.LaRossa at usa.dupont.com).  Please also send a copy to Carol Wilde
(Carol.J.Wilde_CPS at usa.dupont.com).

Lisa Huang
DuPont Experimental Station
P.O. Box 80173
Wilmington, DE, 19880-0173.

Bob LaRossa
DuPont Experimental Station
P.O. Box 80173
Wilmington, DE, 19880-0173.

Recent Publications from the LaRossa lab:

LaRossa, R. A. (1999) ?Nutritional Mutations? in Encyclopedia of Genetics,
S. Brenner and J. Miller, Eds., Academic Press, New York

LaRossa, R. A., editor  (1998) Bioluminescent Methods and Protocols.
Humana Press.

Epelbaum, S., LaRossa, R. A., Van Dyk, T. K., Chipman, D. M. (1998)
Branched chain amino acid synthesis in Salmonella typhimurium:  a
quantitative analysis.  J. Bacteriol. 180:  4056-4067.

Van Dyk, T. K., Ayers, B. L., Morgan, R. W. and LaRossa, R. A. (1998)
Constricted flux through the branche-chain amino acid biosynthetic enzyme
acetolactate synthase triggers elevated expression of genes reulated by
rpoS and internal acidification.  J. Bacteriol. 180:  785-792.

Vollmer, A. C., Belkin, S., Smulski, D. R, Van Dyk, T. K. and LaRossa, R.
A. 1997. Detection of DNA damage by use of Escherichia coli carrying
recA'::lux, uvrA'::lux or alkA'::lux reporter plasmids. Applied and
Environ. Microbiol. 63:  2566-2571.

Belkin, S, Smulski, D. R., Dadon, S., Vollmer,A. C., Van Dyk, T. K. and
LaRossa, R. A. 1997.  A panel of stress-responsive luminous bacteria for
toxicity detection. Water Research  31: 3009-3016.

Belkin, S., D. R. Smulski, A. C. Vollmer, T. K. Van Dyk and R. A. LaRossa.
1996.  Oxidative stress detection using Escherichia coli bearing a
katG'::lux fusion.  Applied and Environ. Microbiol. 62:  2252-2256.

Representative Publications of Lisa Huang:

Foster, P., Huang, L., Santi, D. V. and Stroud, R.  ?The Structural Basis
for Pseudouridine Formation in tRNA: Pseudouridine Synthase I at 1.5 ?
Resolution,?  submitted to Science.

Huang L, Ku J, Pookanjanatavip M, Gu X, Wang D, Greene PJ, Santi DV.
"Identification of two Escherichia coli pseudouridine synthases that show
multisite specificity for 23S RNA,"  Biochemistry, 1998,  37, 15951-7.

Huang L., Pookanjanatavip, M., Gu, X. and Santi, D. V.  "A Conserved
Aspartate of tRNA Pseudouridine Synthase is Essential for Activity and a
Probable Nucleophilic Catalyst,"  Biochemistry, 1998, 37,344-351.

Huang L., Sera, T. and Schultz, P. G.  "A Permutational Approach toward
Protein-DNA Recognition,"  Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,
USA, 1994, 91, 3969-3973.

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