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New Arabidopsis DNA 10-Jan-1998

AtDB Project arabidopsis-seq at genome.Stanford.EDU
Sat Jan 10 18:31:14 EST 1998

==================== Updated DNA Sequences =====================

AC002130    AC002130   114738bp    DNA      PLN      08-JAN-1998
    The sequence of BAC F1N21 from Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome 1,
     complete sequence.
    HTG; F1N21.1; F1N21.2; F1N21.3; F1N21.4; F1N21.5; F1N21.6; F1N21.7;
     F1N21.8; F1N21.9; F1N21.10; F1N21.11; F1N21.12; F1N21.13; F1N21.14;
     F1N21.15; F1N21.16; F1N21.17; F1N21.18.

AC002396    AC002396   122358bp    DNA      PLN      06-JAN-1998
    Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome I BAC F3I6 genomic sequence, complete

AC003674    AC003674    41270bp    DNA      HTG      06-JAN-1998
    *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS *** Arabidopsis thaliana 'IGF' BAC 'F17A14'
     genomic sequence near marker 'CIC10A06'; HTGS phase 1, 2 unordered

AC003970    AC003970    96023bp    DNA      HTG      08-JAN-1998
    *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS *** Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome I BAC
     F14J9 genomic sequence; HTGS phase 1, 2 unordered pieces.

ATAC002505  AC002505 AC003008   115851bp    DNA      PLN      02-JAN-1998
    Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome II BAC T9J22 genomic sequence, complete
    HTG; T9J22.1; T9J22.2; putative peroxisome assembly protein PER8;
     T9J22.3; similar to peroxisomal Ca-dependent solute carrier; T9J22.4;
     T9J22.5; Cf-2.2 like protein; T9J22.6; serpin-like protein; T9J22.7;
     T9J22.8; SF16 like protein; T9J22.9; putative
     phosphatidylinositol-4-phosphate 5-kinase; T9J22.10; T9J22.11; putative
     pectinesterase; T9J22.12; T9J22.13; T9J22.14; T9J22.15; putative
     flavonol 3-o-glucosyltransferase; T9J22.16; T9J22.17; T9J22.18; putative
     permease; T9J22.19; T9J22.20; AR781; T9J22.21; T9J22.22; T9J22.23;
     putative patatin; T9J22.24; myosin heavy chain-like protein; T9J22.25;
     T9J22.26; T9J22.27; putative beta-1,3-glucanase; T9J22.28; T9J22.29;
     putative polygalacturonase; T9J22.30.

=========== Updated Sequence Features/Annotations  =============

ATTH65      AJ001729     1182bp    RNA      PLN      05-JAN-1998
    Arabidopsis thaliana mRNA for Cdc2a associating protein.
    Cdc2a associating protein; CDC2a gene; th65 gene; th65; TH65 protein.

NOTE: This message does not list any new Arabidopsis EST or BAC end
sequences.  However, both of those sequences are added to the BLAST
and FASTA databases available for searching via the AtDB Web Site.

To obtain any Arabidopsis DNA sequence use the NCBI retrieve e-mail
server, retrieve at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov - send the word help and
instructions will be returned.
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  BLAST & FASTA:  http://genome-www.stanford.edu/Arabidopsis/
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