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Phytoremediation Network

marmirol at ipruniv.cce.unipr.it marmirol at ipruniv.cce.unipr.it
Wed Nov 5 11:46:07 EST 1997

These are the first information that I have collected on the mail.
Apparently the Network proposed is receiving a good interest.
I will tell more in a few days.

EU NETWORK on Application of plant systems to environmental control:
remediation, waste water treatments, monitoring

The list of contents may include:
1 Application of plants to soil and water remediation (PCB, PAH, removal)
2 Phytoextraction from contaminated soils (heavy metals, radionuclides and
3 Treatment of waste waters (municipal, industrial)
4 Monitoring of industrial plants, urban areas, railroad systems
5 Physiology and metabolism of plants for environmental control
6 Taxonomy and genetic resources
7 Genetics and genetic engineering
8 Application of physico-chemical methods to study phytoremediation

The colleagues who have already subscribed for the network are:

Dr. Dietrich Ernst
GSF - Forschungszentrum fur Umwelt und Gesundheit
Institut fur Biochemische Pflanzenpathologie
D-85764 Neuherberg
phone  +49 89 3187 4440
fax    +49 89 3187 3383
e-mail ernst at gsf.de
Area of manifested interest: phytoremediation (xenobiotics, heavy metals
and radionuclides), application of plants to air cleaning (formaldehyde)

Prof. P.J. Kaltsikes
Department of Plant Breeding and Biometry
Faculty of Crop Science and Production
Agricultural University of Athens
Iera Odos 75, Athens, Greece, 118 55
Tel ++ 301 529 4621
Fax ++ 301 529 4622
e-mail kaltsikes at auadec.aua.ariadne-t.gr
Area of manifested interest: phytoremediation

Dr. Bill McKendree
Orlando, USA
mckendre at asrr.arsusda.gov
Area of manifested interest: plants resistant to radionuclides (cesium)

Prof. Thomas Rausch
Botanisches Institut
Im Neuheimer Feld 360
e-mail TRAUSCH at botanik1.bot.uni-heidelberg.de
Area of manifested interest: S-assimilation, GSH and PC biosynthesis,
ecophysiology of Brassica juncea and phytoremediation of heavy metal
polluted soils, gene cloning in bacteria and genetic engineering of
plants with bacterial genes

Prof.  P. Van Cutsem
vacultes Universitaires de Namur
Dept. de Biologie
rue de Bruxelles 61
B-5000 Namur
tel  +32 (0)81 72 44 14
fax  +32 (0)81 72 44 20
e-mail Pierre.Vancutsem at fundp.ac.be
Area of manifested interest: plant cell wall biosynthesis, pectic content
and exchange properties, adsorption of organic (waste, toxic) molecules on
cell wall pectins.

Dr. Ivo Wiesner
The Institute of Plant Molecular Biology
Czech Academy of Sciences
Branisovska 31
Ceske Budejovice
CZ 370 05
Czech Republic
fax: +420-38-41475
e-mail: nfix at jcu.cz
Area of manifested interest: genetic resources (plant DNA markers) and
plant genetic engineering

Dr. Steven Groot
The Netherlands
e-mail S.P.C.GROOT at cpro.dlo.nl
Area of manifested interest: response of germination processes to toxic
components and genetic variation in sensitivity

Dr. O. Doering
University of Hamburg
Inst. Botany
Ohnhorststr. 18
D 22609 Hamburg
Phone +49 40 82282348
Fax +49 40 82282254
e-mail FB4A043 at botanik.uni-hamburg.de
Area of manifested interest: redox activities of plants used for
phytoremediation, ion transport (protons, nitrate, ammonia) at the
root PM in presence of pollutants

Prof. Nelson Marmiroli
Lab. Environmental Biotechnologies
Dept. Environmental Sciences
University of Parma
Viale delle Scienze
tel +39-521-905606
FAX +39-521-905665
e-mail: marmirol at ipruniv.cce.unipr.it
Area of manifested interest: phytoremediation (heavy metals), air cleaning
(benzene), monitoring (benzene, heavy metals), genetics and genetic engineering

Of course industrial partners interested in the exploitation of plants for
phytoremediation are very welcome in the Network and they may become part
of it as well
If somebody of you that have subscribed the Network are aware of industrial
partners interested in any specific area covered by the Network, please feel
free to contact them and to verify their intention towards the Network.

This is all for now, I will contact everybody again at the end of this week.
Thanks for cooperation.

Nelson Marmiroli

Prof. Nelson Marmiroli
Lab. Environmental Biotechnologies
Dept. Environmental Sciences
University of Parma
Viale delle Scienze
tel +39-521-905606
FAX +39-521-905665
e-mail: marmirol at ipruniv.cce.unipr.it

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