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New Arabidopsis DNA 24-May-1997

AtDB Project atdb-curator at genome.Stanford.EDU
Sat May 24 11:43:53 EST 1997

====================== New DNA Sequences =======================

ATAF001308  AF001308   105654bp    DNA      PLN      17-MAY-1997
    Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome IV BAC clone T10M13, complete sequence.
    HTG; T10M13.1; T10M13.2; T10M13.3; T10M13.4; T10M13.5; T10M13.6;
     T10M13.7; T10M13.8; T10M13.9; T10M13.10; T10M13.11; T10M13.12;
     T10M13.13; T10M13.14; T10M13.15; T10M13.16; T10M13.17; T10M13.18;
     T10M13.19; T10M13.20; T10M13.21; T10M13.22.

ATAF001535  AF001535    27502bp    DNA      PLN      17-MAY-1997
    Arabidopsis thaliana chromosome IV cosmid AGAA, complete sequence.

ATPGLY2     Y10228     3924bp    RNA      PLN      19-MAY-1997
    A.thaliana mRNA for P-glycoprotein-2.
    P-glycoprotein-2; pgp2 gene; pgp2.

ATPGP2      Y10227     8137bp    DNA      PLN      19-MAY-1997
    A.thaliana pgp2 gene.
    P-glycoprotein-2; pgp2 gene; pgp2.

ATU96924    U96924      617bp    mRNA     PLN      19-MAY-1997
    Arabidopsis thaliana immunophilin (FKBP12) mRNA, complete cds.
    FKBP12; immunophilin.

ATU97106    U97106     7076bp    DNA      PLN      22-MAY-1997
    Arabidopsis thaliana downy mildew resistance protein RPP5 (RPP5) gene,
     complete cds.
    RPP5; downy mildew resistance protein RPP5.

ATU97568    U97568     1405bp    mRNA     PLN      22-MAY-1997
    Arabidopsis thaliana serine/threonine protein kinase mRNA, complete cds.
    serine/threonine protein kinase.

==================== Updated DNA Sequences =====================

ATAC002062  AC002062   116000bp    DNA      HTG      19-MAY-1997
    *** SEQUENCING IN PROGRESS *** F20P5; HTGS phase 1, 2 unordered pieces.

=========== Updated Sequence Features/Annotations  =============

ATBETAFRU   X99111    11937bp    DNA      PLN      16-MAY-1997
    A.thaliana gene coding for beta-fructosidase.

ATBFRUC4    X97749     2118bp    RNA      PLN      16-MAY-1997
    A.thaliana mRNA for beta-fructosidase (vacuolar form).
    beta-fructosidase; vacuolar protein; betafruct4.

ATBFRUC     X95537     2092bp    RNA      PLN      16-MAY-1997
    A.thaliana mRNa for beta-fructosidase.

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