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Cvi-Col-Ler CAPS

carlos alonso blanco Carlos.AlonsoBlanco at BOTGEN.EL.WAU.NL
Thu Mar 28 11:57:51 EST 1996

Dear Arabnetters,

	We are mapping with Cvi ecotype using the CAPS markers developed by 
Konieczny and Ausubel, as well as by other authors. Information about them is 
available through the AtDB. Here are the data about some polymorphisms 
between Landsberg erecta (Ler), Columbia (Col) and Cape Verde Island (Cvi) 
ecotypes in case someone find them useful.

Happy mapping,

Carlos Alonso-Blanco
Ton Peeters,
Maarten Koornneef `s group
Dpt. Genetics
Wageningen Agricultural University
The Netherlands
Carlos.Alonsoblanco at botgen.el.wau.nl
Ton.Peeters at botgen.el.wau.nl
Maarten.Koornneef at botgen.el.wau.nl


Polymorphisms for CAPS markers in Cvi ecotype in relation to Ler and Col	
chromosome 1	Restriction enzyme	Cvi allele (1)			
PVV4		BsaAI 		Cvi allele				
NCC1		RsaI		Ler like				
GAPB		DdeI		Col like				
ADH		XbaI		Col like				
chromosome 2								
PHYB		XhoI		Ler like				
m246		MaeIII		Ler like				
GPA1		Afl III		Col like				
m429		ScrFI		Ler like				
chromosome 3								
GAPC		EcoRV		Col like				
GAPA		DdeI		Ler like				
GL1		TaqI		Cvi allele  (2)				
BGL1		RsaI		Ler like				
		Sau3A		Ler like				
		Afl III		Ler like				
CDC2A		AluI		Col like				
CDC2B		MseI		Ler like				
chromosome 4								
GA1		BsaBI		Col like				
AG		XbaI		Ler like				
PG11		BfaI		Ler like				
CH42		ClaI		Col Like				
PRHA		DdeI		Ler like (3)				
DHS1		DdeI		Ler like				
		BsaAI		Ler like				
		MboII		Col like				
chromosome 5								
ASA1		BclI		Col like				
DFR		BsaAI		Col like				
CRA1		MseI		It does not amplify in our hands (?) (4)	
LFY3		RsaI		Ler like				
g2368		HindIII		Col like				
(1) Cvi allele is given in relation to Columbia and Ler alleles which are 
described in the CAPS 			
marker section in the Arabidopsis Database. Cvi allele means that it's 
different from Col and Ler			
(2) GL1 has a single TaqI restriction site in Cvi allele		
(3) PRHA in our hands amplified two bands in Cvi, one of them, after 
digestion with DdeI, 			
corresponding with the Ler pattern described in AtDB; the other band we do 
not know 				
its genetic location 							
(4) CRA1 does not seem to be amplified in Estland ecotype either as we have 
learned through the Arabidopsis network					

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