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Schedule for June meeting

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Fri Apr 19 10:25:33 EST 1996

  If you have pre-registered for the 7th International
Arabidopsis Conference you should
  have received an accommodation booking  form via E-Mail from
the University of East
  Anglia. If you or you are aware of colleagues who have not,
then please contact Dee
  Rawsthorne on mrs at bbsrc.ac.uk. A preliminary programme for the
conference follows.
                 7th International Arabidopsis Conference
                University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK
           Sunday 23rd June 1996 - Thursday 28th June 1996
                        Preliminary Programme
  Sunday 23rd June
  14.30-17.30  Electronic Information Resources Workshop
               Chair: Mary Anderson     
  19.30-21.30  Poster Session Wine Reception
               Sports Hall
  Monday 24th June
  09.30-11.00  Visit to John Innes Centre - Meet in Lecture
               Theatre Foyer
               Exhibition of Rare books and History of John Innes
               Informal tours of the Centre/Greenhouses/Field
               Swim in the open air heated pool (optional)
               Coffee and cakes from 10.00
  11.30-11.40  Welcome 
  11.40-12.40  Opening Lecture
               J. Hodgkin, Molecular Biology Laboratory, MRC,
               Cambridge, UK .
               "Sex determination if C.elegans"
  12.30-14.30  LUNCH 
  14.30-14.45  F. M. Ausubel, Massachusetts General Hospital,
               Boston, USA.
               "Infection of Arabidopsis with Pseudomonas
               syringae and Pseduomonas aeruginosa.
  14.45-15.00  Jane Glazebrook, Massachusetts General Hospital,
               Boston, USA.
               "Isolation of Arabidopsis mutants with enhanced
               disease susceptibility by direct screening."
  15.00-15.15  J. Benyon, Wye College, University of London, UK.
               "Isolation and characterisation of mutants in
               Arabidopsis thaliana accession Niederzenz, which
               show an altered phenotypic isolates of
               Peronospora parasitica."
  Monday 24th June    Plant Pathogen Interactions cont.  
  15.15-15.30  Jane Parker, Sainsbury Laboratory, JIC, Norwich,
               "Mutational dissection of genes involved in RPP
               gene-specified resistance in Arabidopsis to
               Peronospora parasitica."
  15.30-15.45  A. Slusarenko, Institut fur Biologie, Aachen,
               "Characterisation of a T-DNA mutant in Arabidopsis
               thaliana altered in resistance to Peronospora
  15.45-16.15  TEA
  16.15-16.30  J. Dangl, University of North Carolina, USA.
               "Loci controlling pathogen recognition and cell
               death in Arabidopsis"
  16.30-16.45  S. Gopalan, Michigan State University, USA.
               "Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea avrB,  exhibits
               hypersensitive necrosis-eliciting activity in
               transgenic Arabidopsis thaliana plants:
               Dependence on RPM1 and a possible second target
  16.45-17.00  C. Koehn, Freie Universitaet, Berlin, Germany.
               "Characterisation and mapping of the Arabidopsis
               thaliana locus RPB1, determining gene resistance
               to Plasmodiophora brassicae."
  17.00-17.15  H. Albrecht, University of California, Davis, USA.
               "An Arabidopsis model for parasitic weeds."
  17.15-17.30  S. Uknes,  Ciba-Geigy Corporation, North Carolina,
               "Systemic acquired resistance signal
  17.30-19.30  DINNER
  19.30-21.30  GROWTH REGULATORS   
  19.30-20.00  J. Ecker, University of Pennsylvania, USA.
               "Title to be announced"
  20.00-20.15  J. Kieber, University of Illinois, Chicago, USA.
               "Molecular genetic analysis of ethylene action."
  20.15-20.30  N. Harberd, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.
               "GAI: a negative regulator of gibberellin-mediated
               stem elongation."
  20.30-20.45  A. Phillips, IACR, Long Ashton, UK.
               "Manipulating gibberellin biosynthesis in
               transgenic Arabidopsis."
  20.45-21.00  S. Merlot, CNRS, Gif-sur-Yvette, France.
               "A search for interacting components in the ABII
               signalling pathway."
  Monday 24th June cont. Growth Regulators
  21.00-21.15  M. Estelle, Indianna University, Bloomington, USA.
               "Characterisation of the AXR1-SAR1 auxin response
  21.15-21.30  Annette Kauschmann, Institut fuer Genbiologische
               Forschung, Berlin, Germany
               "Brassinosteroids are essential regulators of
               plant development."
  Tuesday 26th June
  09.00-10.30  EMBRYOGENESIS  
  09.00-09.30  G. Jurgens, University of Tuebingen, Germany
               "Pattern formation and cytokinesis in the
               Arabidopsis embryo."
  09.30-10.00  Kathy Barton, University of Wisconsin-Madison,
                    "Title to be announced"
  10.00-10.15  J. Zhang, Carnegie Institution of Washington,
               Stanford, USA.
               "A mutation (twn2) which alters the polarity of
               the zygote produces twin embryos."
  10.15-10.30  R. Torres-Ruiz, Technische Universitaet Muenchen,
               "Genes involved in apical pattern formation in the
               Arabidopsis embryo."
  10.30-11.00  COFFEE 
  11.00-12.45  REPRODUCTION I 
  11.00-11.30  D. Weigel, Salk Institute, La Jolla, USA.
               "Manipulating flower development in trees and
  11.30-11.45  G. Coupland, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.
               "Inducible expression of the CONSTANS gene causes
               photoperiod-insensitive early flowering and rapid
               activation of floral meristem identity genes."
  11.45-12.00  Caroline Dean, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.
               "The FCA gene, involved in controlling the floral
               transition, encodes a putative RNA-binding protein
               and is itself alternatively spliced."
  12.00-12.15  Karen Hicks, University of Oregon, USA.
               "The photoperiod-insensitive early flowering 3
               mutant is conditionally defective in circadian
               regulated processes."
  Tuesday 25th June cont.
  Reproduction I
   12.15-12.30 G. Cardon, Max-Planck Institut, Koln, Germany.
               "The Arabidopsis SPL3 gene and its role in
               floral transition."
  12.30-12.45  O. Ratcliffe, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.
               "The terminal-flower gene: expression analysis of
               its role in controlling flowering time and
               inflorescence meristem identity."
  12.45-14.00  LUNCH
Gene and Protein Function  Chair:Leyser/Bennett Lecture Theatre 1
Genetic and Physical Mapping  Chair: H. Goodman Lecture Theatre 2  

  17.30-19.30  DINNER
  19.30-21.30  REPRODUCTION II     
  19.30-20.00  M. Yanofsky, University of California at San
               diego, USA.
               "Genetic redundancy and the specification of floral
  20.00-20.30  E. Meyerowitz, Caltech, Pasadena, USA.
               "Flower development: beyond the ABC's."
  20.30-20.45  J. Goodrich, ICMB, Edinburgh, UK.
               "Curly leaf: a polycomb-group gene that regulates
               homeotic gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana."
  20.45-21.00  R. Elliot, Monash University, Victoria, Australia.
               "AINTEGUMENTA, an APETALA2-like gene of Arabidopsis
               with pleiotropic roles in ovule development and
               floral organ growth."
  21.00-21.15  D. Twell, University of Leicester, UK
               "Cell polarity and the control of pollen
  21.15-21.30  A. Chaudhury, CSIRO, Australia.
               "Fertilisation independent seed development in
               Arabidopsis thaliana."
  Wednesday 26th June
  09.00-09.30  X. W. Deng, Yale University, USA.
               "The molecular interactions mediating light control
               of Arabidopsis seedling morphogenesis."
  Wednesday 26th June cont.
  Environmental Responses I
  09.30-09.45  M. Chatterjee, Salk Institute, La Jolla, USA.
               "Signal transduction pathways controlling light
               regulated development."
  09.45-10.00  S. Streatfield, Salk Institute, La Jolla, USA.
               "Analysis of cue1: a mutant deficient in
               light-regulated gene expression."
  10.00-10.15  P. Devlin, University of Leicester, UK.
               "Novel phytochromes control flowering and internode
               elongation responses in Arabidopsis phyA phyB
  10.15-10.30  G. Jenkins, University of Glasgow, UK.
               "Regulation of flavonoid biosynthesis gene
               expression by UV/blue light in Arabidopsis."
  10.30-10.45  D. Somers, University of Virginia, Charlottesville,
               "Genetic analysis of circadian rhythms in
  10.45-11.15  COFFEE
  11.15-11.30  Isabelle Carre, University of Warwick, UK.
               "Genetic analysis of circadian rythyms and
               photoperiodic responses in Arabidopsis."
  11.30-11.45  T. Oyama, Kyoto University, Japan.
               "HY5 gene: a signal regulator of photomorphogenesis
               and root development."
  11.45-12.00  H. Hofte, INRA, Versailles, France.
               "Genetic analysis of the cell elongation mechanism
               in the Arabidopsis hypocotyl."
  12.00-12.15  P Davison, Lund University, Sweden.
               "Screening for Arabidopsis thaliana chlorophyll
               fluorescence mutants using time-resolved imaging
  12.15-12.30  G. Warren, Imperial College, London, UK.
               "Identifying genes for freezing tolerance in
  12.30-14.00  LUNCH
  14.00-17.30  EXCURSIONS: Blickling Hall, Cley Marshes, Fairhaven
               Garden Trust, River Trip.
  19.30-22.45  CONFERENCE DINNER, St. Andrews Hall, Norwich
  Thursday 27th June
  09.00-09.30  D. Marks, University of Minnesota, USA.
               "The interaction of genes that control trichome
               cell fate in Arabidopsis."
  09.30-10.00  L. Dolan, John Innes Centre, Norwich, UK.
               "COW1 regulates root hair shape in Arabidopsis."
  10.00-10.15  S. Choe, The University of Arizona, USA.
               "Molecular characterisation of dwf2: a cell
               elongation mutant in Arabidopsis."
  10.15-10.30  R. Martienssen, Cold Spring Harbor, NY, USA.
               "Gene trap and enhancer trap patterns in the
               developing leaf."
  10.30-10.45  S. Turner, University of Manchester, UK.
               "Arabidopsis mutants deficient in secondary cell
               wall deposition."
  10.45-11.15  COFFEE
  11.15-11.45  S. Clark, University of Michigan, USA.
               "A potential signalling pathway involving the
               clavata1 receptor-kinase  restricts meristem
  11.45-12.15  B. Scheres, Utrecht, The Netherlands.
               "Patterning the Arabidopsis root and root
  12.15-12.30  T.Laux, University of Tuebingen, Germany.
               "Genetic analysis of shoot and floral meristem
  12.30-12.45  V. Grbic, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.
               "Axillary meristem development in Arabidopsis
  12.45-13.00  C. Fabri, Ludwig-Maximilans-Universitaet,
               Muenchen, Germany.
               "Independent tortifolia mutations cause right- and
               left-handed torsional growth of petioles."
  13.00-14.30  LUNCH
     Sequence Analysis    Chair: M. Bevan      Lecture Theatre 1
     Epigenetics          Chair: E. Richards   Lecture Theatre 2
  Thursday 27th June cont.
  17.30-19.30  DINNER
  19.30-20.00  R. Last, Boyce Thompson Institute, Ithaca, NY,
               "Environmental stress adaptation: oxidative stress
               and UV-B."
  20.00-20.15  J. Jang, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston,
               "Hexokinase as a sugar sensor in higher plants."
  20.15-20.30  L. Zhou, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston,
               "Glucose insensitive (gin) mutants define
               downstream pathways for sugar signalling in
               Arabidopsis development."
  20.30-20.45  C. Corbett, CNRS-Universite Paris-Sud, France.
               "Two sugar kinase genes of Arabidopsis: ARA1 and
  20.45-21.00  I. Graham, University of Glasgow, UK
               "A new class of Arabidopsis thaliana mutant that is
               carbohydrate insensitive."
  21.00-21.15  Mary Lou Guerinot, Dartmouth College, New
               Hampshire, USA.
               "Metal uptake in Arabidopsis"
  21.15-21.30  Natasha Raikhel, MSU-DOE Plant Res. Lab., Michigan
               State University, USA.
               "Syntaxin, a PEP12: subcellular localisation,
               biochemical properties, and interacting components
               in Arabidopsis plants."
  21.30-21.45  M. Knight, University of Oxford, UK.
               "Calcium signalling in Arabidopsis."
                         *****   CLOSE   ****
Poster Displays - the permanent poster display is in the Sports
Hall and will be available for viewing from 09.00-21.30 daily.

Computer Demonstration - a permanent demonstration of electronic
information resources will be in the Large Common Room where all
coffees, teas and lunches will be served.
Trade Display -  five companies will take part in a trade display
on Monday and Tuesday and a further five on Wednesday and
Lectures - All talks will take place in Lecture Theatre 1 with an
overflow in Lecture Theatre 2 unless otherwise stated.

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