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Summary for cheaper vancomycin (or substitutes)

Xiaoying Lin xlin at UMBC.EDU
Mon May 23 13:46:39 EST 1994

=09A week ago, I asked for cheaper vancomycin source for killing
argobacterium after transformation of arabidopsis on this newsgroup. I did
get lots of replies.=20

=09In a summary, there are several drugs are suggested as
substitutes, such as Augmentin, Timentin, ticillin, -Bactyl, or
Cephotaxime (at reduced concentration); One can get vancomycin at lower
price through a pharmacy, or a manufacturer (Eli Lilly, Bas gstoke, UK).
Please see the followings for detailed information.=20

=09Thanks again for the replies.


: Xiaoying Lin  <xlin at umbc.edu>  Phone:410-455-2263  Fax: 410-455-3875 :=20
: Biol. Sci./U. of Md Baltimore County, Baltimore, MD 21228, USA       :

"Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D." <barnes at biodec.wustl.edu>

         Use of Augmentin to free plant cell cultures of Agrobacterium

     Since our helper strain (WAg11) is resistant to carbenicillin, and sin=
we find that carbenicillin and cefoxitin inhibit tomato leaf disk regenerat=
anyway, we recommend the use of Augmentin'250' to render cultures axenic. T=
antibiotic is made by Beecham Laboratories, which sells two versions,
Augmentin'500' and Augmentin'250';  we recommend the latter, since it has a
higher ratio of clavulanate; ask not for the chewables, unless you are prep=
to control for the effect of lemon flavoring.  We get it from a pharmacy.

     One of the ingredients in Augmentin, the clavulanate, is unstable in
water, so do not make up stock solutions more than hours ahead of time, and=
not use media more than 3 weeks old.  Agrobacterium may grow in the plant
cultures after 5 weeks, so watch them carefully and/or transfer them at lea=
after 5 weeks.


     Make up one liter of solid medium a little (30-50 ml) short, to allow =
to add the Augmentin right before pouring.  20-60 minutes before pouring
plates, suspend one Augmentin'250' pill in 30 ml of water, with rapid stirr=
with a stir bar.  This takes at least 15 minutes, and the result is very
cloudy, due, I believe, to chalk in the pill.=20

     Kanamycin sulfate powder may be added at this same time, in equal amou=
This (250 mg/l) is somewhat higher kanamycin than is necessary in other med=
but it is necessary, since Augmentin cancels some of the kanamycin activity
somehow.   [We believe the label that says the kanamycin is only 78% pure, =
we weigh out a compensatingly higher amount.]   Filter sterilize and add to=
solid medium cooled to 50-60 degrees, then bring the medium to volume with
sterile water while stirring before pouring.  Allow for the pH to go up (ab=
0.2 units in MS salts) due to the Augmentin.  In fact instead of any KOH, w=
usually have to add some HCl to get the pH to 5.65 for Kan250,Aug250 plates=

Barnes, W.M. (1990)   Variable patterns of expression of luciferase in
transgenic tobacco leaves, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. 87, 9183-9187.
Barnes at biodec.wustl.edu    -------------------------
Wayne M. Barnes, Ph.D.             fax: 314/362-7183
Dept. Biochemistry 8231, Washington Univ. Med.School
St. Louis, Missouri 63110 USA       ph: 314/362-3351

"Green.Laboratory" <22313RNA at msu.edu>

Here is a solution to the high cost of vancomycin.  If you have a medical o=
vet scool associated with your university, try obtaining it through their
pharmacy.  We recently started getting our vancomycin from our clinical cen=
pharmacy.  There it costs only about $10 per 500 mg vial compared to about =
from Sigma or Pharmacia.  A colleague at another scool obtains vanc. from t=
vet school at her university, also at a substantial savings over other

I hope this suggestion helps.

Mike Sullivan
MSU-DOE Plant Research Laboratory
22313mls at ibm.cl.msu.edu

bloksber at pilot.msu.edu  (Leonard N. Bloksberg)

Try either Timentin at 300ug/ml or Cephotaxime at 20ug/ml.

Leonard Bloksberg


I use cefatxime with good results at about 500ug/ml.  I usually add
it directly to the plate before use from a 150 mg/ml stock.  You can also
use Timentin (Ticaricillin:Clavulone Acid, 15:1).  Al these chemicals are
available from sigma plant tissue culture catalog.
Jocelyn Malamy

Estelle Hrabak <HRABAKE at macc.wisc.edu>

We switched to ticillin from vancomycin ( at 1000 ug/ml) and it works very =
 I'm not sure of our source since I don't do ordering, but if you can't fin=
d a
source, let me know and I'll track it down for you.

"Sarah.Gilmour" <22676SJG at msu.edu>

use timentin.  It is available from pharmaceutical companies.  We get it fr=
our clinical center on campus.  There was much discussion about it recently=
the net.  I'm sure you'll get lots of responses on this one, but if you nee=
more information I can provide it.

Sarah Gilmour
22676sjg at msu.edu

"Malcolm Bennett" <BT at dna.bio.warwick.ac.uk>

I have found a very cheap source of vancomycin in the UK, about 15=20
times cheaper than from Sigma, direct from the manufacturer, Eli=20
Lilly, Basingstoke, UK.

Best wishes

Malcolm Bennett
University of Warwick

"Jeff Jeddeloh"  <jeddeloh at biodec.wustl.edu>

Try to obtain augmentin-
it is cheap when you get the oral tablets.  THey can be dissolved into the =
and do a great job at killing the agro.  Try to ask Wayne Barnes=20
Washingotn Univ. Medical School (St. Louis) about it.     =20

Jeffrey Jeddeloh
Department of Biology
Washington University

altmann at MPIMG-Berlin-Dahlem.MPG.DE

Dear Xiaoying,
we use =DF-Bactyl instead of vancomycin or cefotaxim to kill C58(2260) afte=
transformation of Arabidopsis cotyledon or root explants. The concentration=
applied is 125 mg per l and we buy it in a local pharmacy, the producer is=
Beecham Pharmaceuticals.
With best wishes,
Thomas Altmann
IGF Berlin

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