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Fast Neutron/Gamma-ray Mutation/Summary

Fred Lehle 75070.2510 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Wed May 11 22:25:39 EST 1994

Dear Arabidopsis Networkers,

Thanks to all those who responded to my inquiry about what
is known about the size of deletions produced in Arabidopsis
following gamma-ray and fast neutron irradiation.  The following
table summarizes the responses I received as well as what I
could distill from the summary of responses to Philip Benfey's
similiar request in April.  I also took the liberty of including
what I could extract "the old fashioned way" from the new ABRC
Seed and DNA Stock List I just received in the mail.  If there
are errors or omissions, kindly let me know and I will
cheerfully compile these and repost the updated table at a later

Fred Lehle (May 11, 1994)

Locus	 	Size  	Agent	ABRC	Investigator	

ap1	  	1 bp	G		Renee Sung
cer4-1	  	?	N	CS32	M. Koornneef	
cer5-1		?	N	CS35	M. Koornneef	
cer6-1		?	N	CS37	M. Koornneef	
cer8-1		?	N	CS39	M. Koornneef
cer10-1		?	X	CS92	M. Koornneef	
cer11-1		?	N	CS93	M. Koornneef	
cer12-1		?	G	CS94	M. Koornneef	
cer13-1		?	N	CS95	M. Koornneef	
cer14-1		?	N	CS96	M. Koornneef
cer16-1		?	N	CS98	M. Koornneef
cer20-1		?	N	CS103	M. Koornneef		
ctr	  	17 bp	D		Joe Ecker lab (unverified)
chl3-?(a)	>3 kb 	N		Nigel Crawford		
chl3-?(b)	>3 kb 	N		Nigel Crawford
chl3-?(c)	>25 kb	N		Nigel Crawford		
chl3-5		?	G	CS6155	Nigel Crawford
det3-1	  	?	D	CS6160	J. Chory 
er-1		?	X	CS20	M. Koornneef
ga1-1		?	N	CS58	M. Koornneef
ga1-2		?	N	CS3103	J. Zeevaart
ga1-3		?	N	CS3104	J. Zeevaart
ga1-4		?	N	CS3105	J. Zeevaart
ga2-1		?	N	CS59	M. Koornneef
gai-1		?	N	CS63	M. Koornneef
gl2-1		?	N	CS65	M. Koornneef
hy1-1		?	N	CS67	M. Koornneef
hy4-1		?	N	CS70	M. Koornneef
le-1		?	X	CS72	M. Koornneef
rps3-1		?	N	CS6193	Roger Innes
trp2		1 bp   	G		Rob Last		
tt1-1		?	X	CS82	M. Koornneef
tt2-1		?	X	CS83	M. Koornneef
tt3-1		?	X	CS84	M. Koornneef
tt3-?		"huge"	X		Brenda Shirley
tt5-1		?	N	CS86	M. Koornneef
tt5-?		272 bp	N		Brenda Shirley
"pollen"	90 kb	X		Igor Vizir		
? = Information not available or unknown
ABRC = Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center No.
bp = base pair
D = Diepoxybutane
G = Gamma-rays
kb = kilobases
N = Fast Neutrons
X = X-rays

Philip Benfey		benfey at mcclbo.med.nyu.edu
Nate Chu		chu at mis.barnard.columbia.edu
Nigel Crawford		crawford at jeeves.ucsd.edu
Rob Last		rll3 at cornell.edu (Robert Last)
Beth Rosen		KLPOFF at MSU.EDU
Brenda Shirley		shirley at vt.edu (Brenda Shirley)
Renee Sung		zrsung at nature.Berkeley.EDU
Igor Vizir		plxiv at vax.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk

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