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Constantin A. Rebeiz tino at VMD.CSO.UIUC.EDU
Tue Jun 7 10:18:57 EST 1994

In message 7 Jun 1994 12:50:26 +0100,
  Fabien Nogue <nogue at oxygene.versailles.inra.fr>  writes:

> Thank you for reading I am looking for a post-doctoral position in
> hormone research, especially in the area of "Reception/Transduction" of
> hormone signal. I am a graduate student at Institut National de la
> Recherche Agronomique de Versailles in France, and expect to receive my
> PhD in March, 1995. The group I am part of, directed by Dr M. Laloue,
> works on the role and mode of action of cytokinins using several different
> approaches (binding proteins, uptake, mutants). The subject of my thesis
> is the identification of a cytokinin receptor in the chloroplast using a
> radiolabeled photoactive agonist of cytokinins. I have specifically
> photolabeled a 43 kDa peptide localized in the thylakoid membrane of Pisum
> sativum chloroplasts. The strategy that I am using for the identification
> of this cytokinin binding protein is a purification by anion exchange
> column chromatography followed by two dimension gel electrophoresis of the
> labeled peptide for N-terminal sequencing. I hope that the sequence of
> this protein will help me to understand its putative role in the mecanism
> of action of cytokinins in the chloroplast. Another part of my work is the
> characterization of a specific response of a Nicotiana plumbaginifolia
> cytokinin resistant mutant, zea1 to exogenous cytokinins. For further
> research and advanced training, I am searching for a postdoctoral position
> in a related area. My fiancee is a graduate student at INRA Versailles in
> France and expects also to receive her PhD in April, 1995. She is working
> on molecular and biochemical characterization of "Ogura" cytoplasmic male
> sterility in G. Pelletier's group (Dept. of Genetics).
> Curriculum Vitae
> -------------------
> Name : Fabien Nogue
> Sex : Male
> Date of birth    : december 27, 1966
> Place of birth   : St Georges de Didonne, France
> Marital Status   :  single
> Nationality      : French
> Present address  :
> Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire
> Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique
> 78026 Versailles, France
> Education
> -------------
> 1991-1995
> Laboratoire de Biologie Cellulaire
> INRA 78000 Versailles, France
> PhD expected, March 1995 in Plant Developemental Biology.
> Title of thesis : "Search for cytokinin receptors by photoaffinity
> labeling".
> 1990 - 1991
> University of  Paris VI
> DEA : Plant Developmental Biology.
> 1988 - 1989
> University of  Paris VI
> Master's Degree of cellular biology and physiology.
> 1987 - 1988
> University of  Paris VI
> Bachelor's degree of cellular biology and physiology.
> Thank you in advance for any suggestions.
> ---------------------------------------------
> Fabien, Nogue
> Departement de Biologie cellulaire
> 78026 Versailles
> Tel : (331) 30-83-35-46
> Fax : (331) 30-83-30-99
> e-mail : nogue at oxygene.versailles.inra.fr
> ----------------------------------------------

Subject: Postdoctoral Position in Cell Biology-Cell Biochemistry..

  A postdoctoral position has become available starting in the summer of
1994 to work on the development of a Reconstituted Cell System (RCS).
A reconstituted cell is a cell-free system made up of various organelles
prepared from various sources. The marker of the successful assembly of
a fuctional reconstituted cell is the ability to support total chloroplast
assembly in vitro. Beside monitoring the successful assembly of a
functional chloroplast in vitro, the research will involve trapping and
decoding various messages produced by various constituents of the
reconstituted cell as they coordinate their efforts in bringing about
total chloroplast differentiation in vitro. Applicants should have had some
expertise in one or more of the following disciplines:
(a) porphyrin biochemistry, (b) thylakoid protein isolation, purification
and characterization, (c) subcellular organelle isolation, purification
and characterization, (d) plant molecular biological techniques and
(e) biofiber techniques. Interested individuals should send curriculum
vitae and three letters of recommendation to :

                           C. A. Rebeiz
              Laboratory of Plant Pigment Biochemistry
                  and Photobiology, 240 A, PABL
                     1201 West Gregory Avenue,
                 University of Illinois, Urbana
                         Illinois, 61801.

Additional information via E-mail or telephone (217-333-1968) is welcome.
Constantin A. Rebeiz
Laboratory of Plant Pigment Biochemistry and Photobiology
240 A PABL, 1201 West Gregory
University of Illinois
Urbana IL. 61801

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