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Abby Telfer atelfer at MAIL.SAS.UPENN.EDU
Sun Sep 19 19:21:08 EST 1993

     There is another convention in the C. elegans nomenclature (alluded to
by Kathy Barton) that the Arabidopsis community might want to consider. 
Mutant alleles are given unambiguous, permanent allele designations that
are designed to survive the name changes that occur when multiple labs
converge on the same gene. 
     The convention is as follows:  Allele designations consist of a one or
two letter prefix and a number.  The prefix indicates the laboratory in
which the mutation was isolated and is registered by the C. elegans stock
center.  The number is chosen by that lab.  Thus, a list of mutations in
the dpy-2 gene would include dpy-2(e489) and dpy-2(sc38).  A worm
geneticist who wanted complete information on each of these alleles would
know to consult Jonathan Hodgkin's lab about the "e" allele and Bob Edgar's
lab about the "sc" allele.  The fact that the e489 mutation was originally
described as rol-2(e489) causes little confusion because the allele
designation was not altered when the gene name was changed.  

     Granted, this is more cumbersome than writing "ap1-1" but the worm
people find it quite useful.  

Abby Telfer

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