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New Images in AAtDB 1-5

Thu Sep 16 15:06:24 EST 1993

New Images with AAtDB 1-5.

The images listed below are available via Gopher and Anonymous FTP
from weeds.mgh.harvard.edu, or via the AAtDB database using the ACEDB
software. These images were either produced by the ABRC at Ohio State
or the NASC at Nottingham with help from the AAtDB project.

Image Filename         Genetics                    Description
=============        ============      =====================================
cs-100.jpeg		cer2-2		?

cs-2358-a.jpeg		?		?

cs-2358-b.jpeg		?		?

cs-2358-c.jpeg		?		?

cs-2359.jpeg		?		?

cs-30.jpeg		bp-1		Short pedicels. Siliques bent 
			er-1		downwards. Plant height reduced.

cs-3071.jpeg		ein2-1		ethylene insensitive; large rosettes,
					delayed in bolting.

cs-3072.jpeg		eto1-1		overproduces ethylene, small rosettes,
					grows slowly.

cs-3073.jpeg		hls1-1		hookless in absence of ethylene,
					reduced ethylene production; small,
					narrow rosette leaves; bolts &
					senesces early.

cs-3075.jpeg		axr1-3		irregular rosette leaves, tend to
					curl downward; short petioles;
					slightly reduced plant height;
					increased number of lateral branches
					(2 times wild type).

cs-3076.jpeg		axr1-12		irregular rosette leaves (same as
					axr1-3 except more pronounced); plant
					height reduced to less than half of
					wild type; inflorescences more highly
					branched; reduced fertility.

cs-3077.jpeg		axr2		dark green, dwarf; small, round rosette
					leaves, short petioles; inflorescences
					curved, twisted, and shorter than wild
					type; roots with altered gravitropic
					response, lacking root hairs;
					resistant to ethylene, abscisic acid
					and auxin.

cs-3097.jpeg		chs1		sensitive to low temperature: plants
					affected at seedling, rosette and
					reproductive stages.

cs-3237.jpeg		?		?

cs-3238.jpeg		?		?

cs-3239.jpeg		?		?

cs-3240.jpeg		?		?

cs-3242.jpeg		?		?

cs-3244.jpeg		?		?

cs-3247.jpeg		?		?

cs-3250.jpeg		?		?

cs-3251.jpeg		?		?

cs-3252.jpeg		?		?

cs-3253.jpeg		?		?

cs-3254.jpeg		?		?

cs-3255.jpeg		?		?

cs-3257.jpeg		?		?

cs-3259.jpeg		?		?

cs-3260.jpeg		?		?

cs-3261.jpeg		?		?

cs-3263.jpeg		?		?

cs-3265.jpeg		?		?

cs-3266.jpeg		?		?

cs-3267.jpeg		?		?

cs-3269.jpeg		?		?

cs-3270.jpeg		?		?

cs-3273.jpeg		?		?

cs-3276.jpeg		?		?

cs-3278.jpeg		?		?

cs-3377.jpeg		?		?

cs-357.jpeg		?		Dark green, very small rosette. Leaf
					margin highly serrated and rolled up.
					Dwarf. Many flowering stems. Late
					flowering. Low fertility.

cs-371.jpeg		?		Dark green. Leaf margin serrated. Stem
					fasciated. Many flowering stems.

cs-372.jpeg		?		Segregating pin mutant. Upright
					rosette. Leaves glabra. Yellow seeds.

cs-387.jpeg		?		Dark geen. Hairy leaves. Leaves
					rounded. Leaf margin serrated. Extreme
					dwarf. Many flowering stems.

cs-392.jpeg		?		Segregating albino seedlings. Bright
					yellow/green. Anthocyanin in leaf
					veination, petiole and flowering stem.
					Semi-dwarf. Late flowering.

cs-405.jpeg		?		Yellow/green rosette. Leaves pointed.
					Leaf margin serrated. Semi-dwarf. Many
					flowering stems. Semi-sterile.

cs-428.jpeg		?		Upright small, yellow/green rosette.
					Small, broad leaves. Leaf margin
					slightly serrated. Extreme dwarf. Late

cs-524.jpeg		?		"Hairy dark green leaves. Rosette very
					flat to soil. Short petioles.

cs-533.jpeg		?		Leaves highly deformed (wrinkled). Leaf
					margin serrated and white. Semi-dwarf.
					Low fertility.

cs-534.jpeg		?		Leaves slightly spotted. Leaf margin
					scalloped. Many flowering stems.

cs-541.jpeg		?		Leaves yellow with dark green
					veination. Leaves pointed. Leaf margin
					serrated. Semi-dwarf. Perhaps late

cs-542.jpeg		?		Yellow hearted rosette. Semi-dwarf. Low

cs-553.jpeg		?		Pale green leaves mottled with white.
					Leaf margin distorted and white.
					Cauline leaves white margin.

cs-571.jpeg		?		Bright green rosette. Dwarf. Late

cs-6001.jpeg		?		?

cs-6002.jpeg		?		?

cs-620.jpeg		?		Yellow veined, spotted green leaves.

cs-640.jpeg		?		Yellow hearted, yellow/green rosette.

cs-917.jpeg		Ecotype - Da(1)-12

cs-921.jpeg		Ecotype - Enkheim-T

cs-922.jpeg		Ecotype - Hodja-Obi-Garm

cs-923.jpeg		Ecotype - H55

cs-924.jpeg		Ecotype - Je54

cs-926.jpeg		Ecotype - Petergof

cs-929.jpeg		Ecotype - Shahdara

cs-930.jpeg		Ecotype - Sn(5)-1

cs-931.jpeg		Ecotype - Sorbo

cs-1.jpeg		an-1		Narrow leaves and slightly crinkled
			gl1-1		siliques. Leaves except cotyledons
			ms1-1		white or pale. Thiamine restores to
			py-1		normal. Hairs absent from stems and
			er-1		leaves. Bright green stem due to
			cer2-2		reduced wax layer. Without pollen.

n209.jpeg		fad7		altered fatty acid composition.

n223.jpeg		xav		Yellow seedling lethal. Codominant.
					+/alb - light green.

n230.jpeg		as		Asymmetric, lightly curled leaves.

n233.jpeg		dw		Narrow multiple leaves. Extremely
					reduced stems. Co-dominant -
					intermediate effect in heterozygote.

n241.jpeg		an		Leaves elongate. Increased number of
					rosette leaves.

n242.jpeg		cp		Leaves asymmetric with leaf margin
					rolled up.

n245.jpeg		gr		Leaves grey/green. Extreme dwarf.

n246.jpeg		chm3		Young leaves and sepals yellow/green.

n251.jpeg		lc		Cotyledons and leaves light

n252.jpeg		ly		Leaves yellow/green. Inflorescence
					terminally forked.

n258.jpeg		cn		Cotyledons, leaves petioles and stems
					twisted around the axis.

n262.jpeg		arc1-1		Mesophyll cells contain an increased
			er-1		density of chloroplasts approximately
					501420000f the plan area of wild type.
					Both cotyledons and early leaves are
					pale but plant greens up with
					development and by flowering is only
					slightly paler than wild type.

n263.jpeg		arc2-1		Mesophyll cells contain approximately
					half the chloroplast number of wild
					type and mean chloroplast plan area
					is about twice that of wild type.
					Plants only fractionally paler than
					wild type.

n264.jpeg		arc3-1		Only approximately 15 chloroplasts
					per mesophyll; i.e. a 7-8 fold
					reduction combpared to wild type.
					Chloroplasts are very large about 6
					fold larger than wild type and have
					extensive lobing, most are abnormally
					shaped. Plants appear as normal wild

n3079.jpeg		er-1		Fruits more blunt than W.T. Short
			bp-1		pedicels. Yellow seeds.
			ttg-1		Anthocyaninless leaves and stems.
			yi-1		Trichomes absent. Yellowish flower
					buds and yellow greyish sharper leaves.

n3091.jpeg		tfl-2		determinate inflorescence, short
			er-1		plants, increased number of rosette

n357.jpeg		?		Dark green, very small rosette. Leaf
					margin highly serrated and rolled up.
					Dwarf. Many flowering stems. Late
					flowering. Low fertility.

n358.jpeg		?		Dark green, small rosette. Leaves
					slightly pointed. Very short petiole.
					Many flowering stems. Low fertility.

n360.jpeg		?		Pale green, small rosette. Dwarf. Many
					flowering stems. Late flowering.

n372.jpeg		?		Segregating pin mutant. Upright
					rosette. Leaves glabra. Yellow seeds.

n373.jpeg		?		Dark green, many leaved, tiny rosette.
					Leaves glabra. Leaf margin rolled in
					on themselves. Very short petiole.
					Extreme dwarf. Yellow seeds.

n382.jpeg		?		Round cotyledons. Dark green, small
					rosette. Leaves rounded. Many
					flowering stems. Short inflorescence.
					Early flowering.

n386.jpeg		?		Pale green, small rosette. Anthocyanin
					in petioles. Dwarf. Late flowering.

n388.jpeg		?		Dark green, very small, tightly
					bunched rosette. Leaves very hairy.
					Extreme dwarf. Low fertility.

n389.jpeg		?		Bright green. Very short petiole.
					Dwarf. Perhaps early flowering.

n391.jpeg		?		Dark green, small rosette. Small
					hairy leaves. Broader leaves. Leaf
					margin serrated. Dwarf. Low fertility.

n392.jpeg		?		Segregating albino seedlings. Bright 
					yellow/green. Anthocyanin in leaf
					veination, petiole and flowering stem.
					Semi-dwarf. Late flowering.

n427.jpeg		?		Phenotype Nottingham Pale green/yellow.
					Red petiole. Extreme dwarf.

n437.jpeg		?		Pale yellow/green rosette. Leaves
					pointed. Leaf veination green. Dwarf.
					Late flowering.

n438.jpeg		?		Very dark green, small rosette. Leaf
					margin serrated. Extreme dwarf.

n442.jpeg		?		Dark green rosette, turning purple on
					flowering. Small pointed leaves. Leaf
					margin rolled up. Extreme dwarf.

n457.jpeg		?		Large white and green sectored leaves.
					Long petiole.

n511.jpeg		?		Small yellow green leaves with green
					veins. Dwarf. Late flowering.

n647.jpeg		?		Yellow/green leaves with green
					veination. Leaves glabrous.

n648.jpeg		?		Bright yellow/green leaves. Leaves
					distorted. Semi dwarf.

n659.jpeg		?		Pale yellow/green leaves, yellow
					spotted. Flowering stem and siliques
					bright green. Perhaps late flowering.

n660.jpeg		?		Yellow hearted bright yellow/green
					rosette. Leaf veination green. Leaves
					become yellow spotted on maturing.
					Tall plant.

n662.jpeg		?		Yellow hearted rosette. White spotted
					leaves. Leaves turning pale purple on

n672.jpeg		?		Green/white variegated leaves.

n673.jpeg		?		?

n752.jpeg		?		?

n759.jpeg		?		?

nw147.jpeg		er-1		Bright green stem due to reduced wax
			cer8-1		layer. Veins darker than inter veinal
			re-1		tissue. Semi-dwarf.

nw151.jpeg		er-1		Unbranched trichomes on asymmetric
			cp2-1		leaves. Semi-dwarf. Bright green stem
			as-1		due to reduced wax layer.

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