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Electronic Arabidopsis Information Service

Mon Sep 13 14:55:36 EST 1993

Electronic Arabidopsis Information Service

The Arabidopsis Information Service (AIS), edited and published by A.
R. Kranz, is now available from the AAtDB Research Companion provided
by the AAtDB Project. All volumes of AIS have been converted into an
electronic form. The text and figure legends have been transcribed
into text documents and the tables and figures have been scanned into
GIF formatted image files.  The entire collection, all 25 years or 27
volumes is available as a WAIS query index. Please note that the text
currently available is being released before final proofreading. We
believe there is great interest in these documents and wish to allow
the community access even before we have completed the editing.

The task of making the AIS electronic will continue in an effort to
enhance the easy of use and its integration into the AAtDB database.
The new Internet information discovery services such as World Wide Web
are being explored to allow HyperText associations between the AIS and
AAtDB to exist. The bibliographic citations and AAtDB accession
numbers for the electronic AIS are still to be added. However, the
electronic AIS is complete in its text and figures, and the WAIS
indexing provides a very useful method to explore this information.

For a description of the AIS consider this quote from Professor Kranz
in Volume 25 of AIS:

    Though the First International Symposium on Arabidopsis Research
    has been organized in 1965, the experience of the following years
    has shown that it was necessary to establish an additional forum
    for contact in Arabidopsis research that is in permanent action
    and less expensive to all participants than international meetings
    organized in short periods. Therefore the newsletter "Arabidopsis
    Information Service" (AIS) has been introduced and edited at first
    by G. Robbelen.  In 1973 its edition and the seed collection was
    handed over to the author who set up the secretariate of the
    Arabidopsis Information Service at the University of Frankfurt,
    the place where the Arabidopsis reearch started 50 years ago. In
    the meantime, the activity of this institution extended improving
    the gene bank exchange and promoting up to date research
    information by use of the 24 volumes of AIS newsletter presently
    edited; they provide an international forum for the publication
    and discussion of current research news, especially in genetics,
    but also ecology, taxonomy, development, physiology, biochemistry,
    molecular and space biology.  AIS is also open to all informaton
    on stocks lists, methods, and to laboratory research
    communications dealing with tentative experimental results and
    research programs underway. Running lists are compiled on the
    bibliography on living collections of both natural population and
    mutant lines and on addresses of the laboratories working with
    Arabidopsis around the world. The number of scientific
    publications on Arabidopsis stored in the AIS-Bibliography reaches
    2000. Presently, on the mailing list of the newsletter about 350
    addresses are stored; gene bank material has been mailed in '84 to
    62, in '85 to 120 and in '86 to 360 receivers which shows the
    increasing interest of Arabidopsis mainly in the USA (36.0%), EG
    (35.0%), and Comecon (20.0%).

Access to the AAtDB Research Companion has been described in a
seperate message to this electronic conference and will not be
described here. The hostname for this service is

We encourage you to explore the electronic AIS via the WAIS index. For
example find the article that references Charles Darwin with the
query, darwin, or the article that refers to Arabidopsis as the
tachyplant with the query, tachy*. Please read the document titled
"Help Searching the "<?>" databases" for more information about
searching the WAIS indices.

Besides the WAIS query index the full text and GIF images are also
provided.  Each volume of AIS is provided as a separate folder. Note
that the First International Symposium on Arabidopsis Research in
April 1965 is referred to as volume 1S in the electronic AIS and in
the AAtDB Paper class. The other International Symposium were
published separately. Note that volume 24 only contained the AIS stock
catalog and is not reproduced in the electronic AIS. This
information is currently available via the Nottingham Seed List, also
available via Gopher.

We wish to give special thanks Professor A. R. Kranz for allowing
volumes 1 through 27 of AIS to be made available to the public in this
electronic form; Matthias Zimmermann for providing original figures
and word processor documents for AIS; Chris Somerville for providing
his complete collection of AIS; Priscilla Kinnear and Ernesto Gonzalez
for eight months of effort typing and scanning figures.

Mike Cherry
Sam Cartinhour
Howard M. Goodman

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