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NASC Seed List & Compleat Guide on MGH Gopher

arabidopsis at uk.ac.afrc arabidopsis at uk.ac.afrc
Fri Sep 3 11:58:00 EST 1993

From:	Mary Anderson & David Flanders


We are pleased to announce an important new feature of the services 
provided by the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre and the John 
Innes involvement in the co-ordination of UK/EC Arabidopsis Research.

Thanks to the kind help of Sam Cartinhour and Mike Cherry, the latest 
Seed List from the Nottingham Arabidopsis Stock Centre (NASC); and 
the Protocol Book, "Arabidopsis: The Compleat Guide" are now 
available from the AAtDB Research Companion Gopher and WAIS 
server at MGH Boston (weeds.mgh.harvard.edu  IP address

The NASC Seed List carries a full list of all the Stocks that are currently 
available from the Stock Centre.  Of particular interest are; the Lister and 
Dean RI Lines, the newly released lines from the AIS Collection of 
Professor Kranz, the T-DNA tagged lines from Csaba Koncz, and the Ds 
transformed lines from Bancroft and Dean.  In additon. the Seed List 
now carries a series of appendices which contain valuable information 
about how to grow your favourite weed, pest control in the greenhouse 
and so on.

The original, limited-edition, hard-copy version of "Arabidopsis: The 
Compleat Guide" was compiled by David Flanders and Caroline Dean 
as part of the co-ordination of the UK Agricultural and Food Research 
Council's Plant Molecular Biology Arabidopsis Programme.  It is NOT a 
comprehensive guide to how to work with Arabidopsis. Nevertheless, it's 
50-odd protocols should get you on your way.  Some of the protocols 
were lifted from postings on this  bulletin board (ARAB-GEN).  Many 
other protocols have not been lifted, however, and so it may well be 
worth your while doing a WAIS search (see below) of the BIOSCI 
archive, which is also available on the MGH Gopher. Considerable 
thanks are due to the many individuals who contributed to the Protocol 
Book and thus made its production possible.  The electronic version is 
made available as part of the the co-ordination of AFRC's PMB II.

Both the seed list and the protocol book are obtainable in three forms 
via Gopher.  For further details on how to access the AAtDB Research 
Companion Gopher, see previous postings by Mike Cherry.  For further 
details on the files themselves, see the "readme" files associated with 
the "Nottingham Seed List" and "The Compleat Guide" directories 
(folders) on the MGH Gopher Server.

(i)	As a WAIS index.  This means you can connect to AAtDB 
Research Companion search for key words, using Boolean modifiers 
(AND, OR, NOT, *, "exact match" etc.)  via any Internet-connected 

For example, in the seed list searching for GAI will lead you to a file 
STOCK NUMBER: NW63.  This provides the stock number for the gai 
mutation; as well as details of mutagen used, the phenotype, its map 
position, the donor and original reference.  You can also make more 
general queries such as MALE and STERILE; or ALBINO.  The former  
will give you all the stocks that contain male steriles and the latter all the 
albinos.  If you wish to search for either background details of specific 
lines or information in the appendices (see above), you can use the 
query ABOUT*.  Once you have found the stock number of what it is you 
want, you can  e-mail your request for seed to NASC.  (Please 
remember that NASC is for orders outside the US.  All American orders 
should go to ABRC at Ohio State.  The only exceptions to this are where 
ABRC does not carry the required stock: viz; the Lister and Dean RI 
Lines, the AIS Collection, the Koncz T-DNA Lines, or the Ds transformed 
lines from Bancroft and Dean.)

In the protocol book, for example, searching for "DNA and EXTRACTION 
not CTAB" will find all the protocols containing the words DNA and 
EXTRACTION, but will omit any containing the word CTAB.  A brief 
glance a the dozen items on the list, will point you towards the ones of 
interest to you.  These can then read from the Gopher or saved and 
printed on your own computer.

(ii)	If you are using an Internet-connected Mac, you can pull across 
all the original files for both the Seed List and the Protocol Book.  For 
aficionados, the files have been binhexed and in some cases 
compressed . However, this needn't trouble the general user.  All you 
have to do is get the files and then double-click them on your Mac to 
open them up and they will magically reformat so that they can be read 
on your own machine and printed out. This enables you to have your 
very own copy of these esteemed publications.  Please note, however, 
that the Seed List is in Microsoft Word 4.0 and the Protocol Book in 
WriteNow 3.0 and so you will need access to these programs.  If you 
haven't got them, other Mac wordprocessors will open these files, but 
some formatting changes will occur.

Please note for the North Americans amongst you that all the files are 
formatted to fit onto A4 paper.  This is slightly longer and narrower than 
US paper so that you may have to fiddle with the formatting slightly to 
get it to fit onto a page.

(iii)	From any Internet-connected computer, you can get all the 
original files in text format.  (And associated image files in the case of 
the Protocol Book).  To use this text (with line breaks) version, simply 
pull across all the files in the appropriate directory and then open them 
using a text-editor or wordprocessor.  As text, all the original formatting 
has been lost and the occasional change may have occurred.  We've 
tried to catch everything, but be aware that some errors may have 
slipped through.  In particular, watch out for microlitres (ul) having 
become millilitres (ml).  This happens as mu becomes "m" not "u" upon 
transfer to text only.  The context should let you know if we've slipped up 
and missed one.  The image files are in a formats suitable for viewing on 
Macs, PCs or UNIX machines.

Throughout the year, further updates to the NASC Seed List will be 
placed in these files and advertised on the bulletin boards.  We are not 
mailing an appendix seed list this year.  We will, however, continue to 
produce a hard copy seed list each June.  If you have colleagues who 
do not have access to  Internet, NASC can be contacted directly by mail 
phone or fax for a copy of our seed list as well as updates of our latest 
releases throughout the year.

A minor update of the electronic edition of "Arabidopsis: The Compleat 
Guide" (to version 1.5) should be released soon. Comments on version 
1.4 and suggestions for new items for 1.5 are welcome.

Mary Anderson
NASC Dept of Life Science
Nottingham University
University Park
Nottingham  NG7 2RD

Tel:  +44-602-791216
FAX:  +44-602-513251

David Flanders
The Cambridge Laboratory
The John Innes Centre
Norwich  NR4 7UJ

Tel:  +44-603-52571
FAX:  +44-603-505725

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