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RAPD Primers

Mike Cherry 726-5955 CHERRY at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Jan 26 17:27:52 EST 1993

Last week Pablo Scolnik of DuPont mentioned that he had sent the
information on his group's RAPD markers to AAtDB. We have received
several requests for the primer sequences. Below I've included a table
which contains this information. The RI scoring data and the primers
will be incorporated into AAtDB shortly. In the future images of the
RAPD patterns will also be available. - Mike Cherry

RAPD             Primer
Name            Sequence               Allele
=========     ================        =========
rap4b           TGACGATGCA              W100
rap6.1          GCAAGTAGCT              WS
rap6.2          GCAAGTAGCT              W100
rap10           GCAAGTAGTG              W100
rap12f.1        CGGTCACTGT              W100
rap12f.2        CGGTCACTGT              W100
rap13.1         ATTGCGTCCA              W100
rap13.2         ATTGCGTCCA              WS
r11             CCAAGCAGT               WS
r34             GTCACCGGA               W100
r38             CTAGCCGAC               W100
r47             GTACGAACC               WS
r78             GAGTGCCTT               WS
r86             CAAGGACAC               W100
r234            TGGCTCAAAG              WS
r235.2          TCGAACCAAC              WS
r238.1          GCATCCACCA              WS
r238.2          GCATCCACCA              WS
r239            GCCTTTCCAG              W100
r250            TCAGACGAGG              WS
r251.1          AAGGTCGCCT              W100
r251.2          AAGGTCGCCT              WS
r252            CGATGTTCCC              WS
r255            AGGCGTGTGT              WS
r257.1          TGGAGCGGAA              WS
r257.2          TGGAGCGGAA              WS
r266.1          AGGTGGTTCT              W100
r266.2          AGGTGGTTCT              W100
r268            AGCTGGCTTG              W100
r269.2          CAGTGTGTGG              WS
r269.3          CAGTGTGTGG              WS
r276            GCCGAATTGG              W100
r278.1          AGGGTTCGGT              W100
r278.2          AGGGTTCGGT              WS
r293            ACAGCGTCCT              WS
r315.1          GCGCTACCCT              WS
r315.2          GCGCTACCCT              W100
r315.3          GCGCTACCCT              WS
r317.1          CGCTGAGATG              WS
r317.2          CGCTGAGATG              WS
r330            GAAGCCTGGT              WS
r338            GCTGCCACTG              WS
r340            CTTAGGGCAC              WS
r355.1          CATTGCGGGA              W100
r355.2          CATTGCGGGA              WS
r356.1          GATCCCCTGA              W100
r356.2          GATCCCCTGA              W100
r356.3          GATCCCCTGA              W100
r356.4          GATCCCCTGA              W100
r362            CGATCGACAC              W100
r363.1          ACTAACGGAC              WS
r363.2          ACTAACGGAC              WS
r363.3          ACTAACGGAC              W100
r370            GGTCTGCGAG              WS
r380            AGGGTTCCGT              W100
r406.1          CGACATCCGT              W100
r406.2          CGACATCCGT              W100
r414            TCAAGCGATG              WS
r431.2          AGATCGCCAG              WS
r455            GAGCCCTCAA              WS
r469            TCGCAACGTC              W100
r471.1          ACGGGTTAGT              WS
r471.2          ACGGGTTAGT              W100
r472.1          GACACCGAGT              WS
r472.2          GACACCGAGT              W100
r488.1          TGGACGGCAA              W100
r488.2          TGGACGGCAA              W100
r512            TACACGACCC              W100
r513            ATTGGCGATG              W100
r516.1          GAGTTCGCCC              WS
r516.2          GAGTTCGCCC              W100
r552            GCCAGCGTAA              WS
r553            TAGAGAAGCC              W100
r555            TCGATGTGGA              W100
r556            AGGTGCGTCA              WS
r564.1          GCCTCCTACT              WS
r684.1          CGTTGCTATG              W100
r687            CATCGGACCA              W100
r688            TCACAGGGTC              W100
r692            CATCGACGAG              WS
r694            ATCCGCGTTC              WS
r727            TGTAGGTCCA              WS
r731            CCAGTGGTTC              WS
r734            GGTTCACAAG              WS
r738            CAGGCTAGAG              W100
r739.1          GCTTACGAGG              W100
r739.2          GCTTACGAGG              WS
r748            GCCGGTTTGG              WS
r751.1          GGGCACTCCG              W100
r751.2          GGGCACTCCG              WS
r751.3          GGGCACTCCG              WS
r753            TGCGAGTCCA              W100
r756.1          GTGTCAGGCA              WS
r756.2          GTGTCAGGCA              WS
r769.1          CCTGGTCTAC              WS
r769.2          CCTGGTCTAC              W100
r771            TCAGCTCACC              WS
r774            TCGCATCTGT              WS
r782.1          CGAGTCAACT              WS
r782.2          CGAGTCAACT              WS
r783            ATGTCCGCAC              W100
r800.1          CTGGACCTTG              WS
r800.2          CTGGACCTTG              WS
r807.1          GCCTTCATCT              WS
r808            TGTCCGATGG              WS
r809            TTCCGTTGCC              WS
r836            ACCGTGGTCA              W100
r838.1          CGCAAGACAA              WS
r845.2          ATTGCCCGTG              WS
r849.1          AATCGTGCTC              WS
r849.2          AATCGTGCTC              WS
r849.3          AATCGTGCTC              W100
r857.1          GATGACGGGT              WS
r857.2          GATGACGGGT              WS
r870            GGACACTGTT              WS
r901.4          AATGCACCGT              WS
r903.1          GTGTCATCCA              WS
r903.2          GTGTCATCCA              W100
r906            AAGGGCTGAC              WS
r916.1          ATACCATCCC              WS
r916.2          ATACCATCCC              WS
r916.3          ATACCATCCC              WS
r916.4          ATACCATCCC              WS
r929.1          GTCCGCACGG              WS
r929.2          GTCCGCACGG              WS
r936.1          TTTCGAGCCG              WS
r936.2          TTTCGAGCCG              WS
r959.2          GTCTACGATG              WS
r984.2          TGTTTCGAGC              W100
r989.1          CAGGTCCTAA              W100
r990            CCCCTGATGA              W100
r993            GGATCTACCT              WS
r1029           ATTCAGCAGG              W100
r1032           TGTTCTGCGG              W100
r1036.1         ACTCCGACCG              WS
r1036.3         ACTCCGACCG              WS?
r1036.4         ACTCCGACCG              WS
r1059           CGTCGCTATT              W100
r1078           GCCATGAATC              WS
r1083.1         GCAGATGAGT              W100
r1083.2         GCAGATGAGT              WS
r1106           CCAAAAAGCC              WS
r1107.1         CAGGTCACTT              W100
r1107.2         CAGGTCACTT              WS
r1107.3         CAGGTCACTT              WS
r1108           AAGACCAGGG              WS
r1111.1         GATAACCGCA              WS
r1111.2         GATAACCGCA              WS
r1114           GTCTTGGGCA              W100
r1115           AAGTGCCACA              W100
r1145           ACTAGGTGTC              W100
r1150           GGTTTAGCTC              W100
r1155.2         AGCTGAGAAG              W100
r1169.1         GGAAGTGTAG              W100
r1169.2         GGAAGTGTAG              W100
r1177.1         CTGTAGCCAG              WS
r1186           ATGGCAACGA              W100
r1197           GTTGCTAGTG              WS
r1203           GTCTACGATG              WS
r1212           TACCATCGCC              WS
r1213           TAATCGGGTG              WS
r1220           CCGAAGTCAC              W100
r1242           CCAACGTGCC              W100
r1259           CTACCAGAAC              W100
r1261.1         GTCGTTACGA              W100
r1261.2         GTCGTTACGA              WS
r1263.2         TGGTTAAGCC              W100
r1263.3         TGGTTAAGCC              WS
r1273           GCGCAACGCT              WS
r1279           GTGTGGATGG              W100
r1281           AACGCGCAAC              W100
r1300.2         GGGACTCGGA              WS
r1302.1         GGAAATCGTG              W100
r1302.2         GGAAATCGTG              WS
r1302.3         GGAAATCGTG              W100
r1305           CAGTGCGAAG              W100
r1315.1         CAATTCCACC              W100
r1315.2         CAATTCCACC              W100
r1325.2         CGGTAGTTGG              W100
r1338           GATAGGTGCT    

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