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Try the AAtDB Gopher

Mike Cherry 726-5955 CHERRY at FRODO.MGH.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Sep 8 14:18:24 EST 1992

I'd like to follow up on Chris Somerville's helpful message with two
comments about accessing the AAtDB Gopher and Wais services.

You will enjoy both Gopher and WAIS much more if you have a local
client.  While this is not required it would be very worthwhile to
obtain one of the clients. Gopher clients are available via anonymous
ftp from boombox.micro.umn.edu. Wais clients are available from
quake.think.com. Those who are using GopherApp by Don Gilbert on a
Macintosh can send me an email message and I'll send them a BinHexed
GopherApp document for the Arabidopsis Research Companion.

I know it can be difficult figuring out how to obtain and install
networking applications. The GOPHER account on ochre.mgh.harvard.edu
is provided to help make the Arabidopsis information more available to
the community. However this public access GOPHER account currently has
a limitation. You can only read the information via the terminal
screen, you cannot save the information to a file on your computer
unless your terminal emulator provides this feature (this is one of
the reasons to have Gopher or Wais client software).

An alternative public account can be used that allows any entry in the
WAIS server to be returned to you via electronic mail. Use the public
wais account on quake.think.com. You will need to "telnet
quake.think.com" from Unix or VMS.  On Macintosh and IBM compatibles
there are many different commands that provide telnet (PacerTerm,
VersaTerm, NCSA Telnet, ...).  As Chris pointed out in his message the
equivalient command on the MSU mainframe is tnvt.  Once connected to
quake.think.com enter the username wais (all lowercase), no password
is required. Then just follow the directions, or request help by
pressing the ? key at most any point. The AAtDB and Arabidopsis BioSci
WAIS servers are just two of about 300 WAIS databases available via
the Internet.

Mike Cherry

P.S. For those that need the IP number for networked computers and not
the hostname:

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