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non-radioactive probes for Arabidopsis?

S. A. Modena samodena at csemail.cropsci.ncsu.edu
Fri Sep 11 23:19:50 EST 1992

In article <9209101215.AA04941 at dogwood.botany.uga.edu> russell at DOGWOOD.BOTANY.UGA.EDU (Russell Malmberg) writes:
>Has anyone tried using the non-radioactive systems to probe
>Arabidopsis southerns and northerns?
>I'm thinking about trying out the digoxigenin labelled
>DNA, followed by anti-digoxigenin-alkaline phosphatase,
>and then either chemiluminescence or standard blue BCIP/NTB
>detection mechanisms. 
>Has anyone had success with this with Arabidopsis or other
>plant blots?  If I obtain several replies I will summarize and
>re-post to this group.
>Russell Malmberg
>russell at dogwood.botany.uga.edu

I would suggest contacting:  Dave Hoisington
                             Molecular Genetics Laboratory
			     Lisboa 27
                             Apdo. Postal 6-641
                             06600 Mexico, D.F.

         tel. 011-525-954-2100    FAX:  011-525-954-1069
         (those numbers assume that you are dialing from the U.S.A.) 

A year ago, mail correspondance took 3 to 6 weeks for an Air Mail letter
to reach the P.O Box in Mexico City....I'm not sure if things have
improved.  Dave's EMail address currently bounces so I didn't give it.
The telephone number is directly for CIMMYT in El Batan and the CIMMYT 
operators can respond either in Spanish or English.

For a "preview" of what their non-radioisotopic methods can do (in maize)
you might contact:    Michel Ragot
		      Dept. of Genetics
                      Box 7614
		      North Carolina State University
		      Raleigh, NC  27695-7614

       tel. 1-919-515-2289   FAX: 1-919-515-3355

Michel was in the CIMMYT molecular genetics lab last year doing that
stuff and so, I believe, can be specific on details and performance.

The CIMMYT lab is specifically geared to developing molbio genetic
techniques for maize and wheat improvement that can be successfully
transfered to labs working under the constraints commonly found
once one leaves the USA/Western Europe/Japan/Australia.

Hope this helps.

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