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Research fellowships available for Ph.D. students and Postdoctoral fellows
    ***** Signal transduction and disease resistance ********

                Plant molecular biology Lab
       Institute of Botany,  Academia Sinica , Taipei

We are looking for Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows who want to devote
to study the  signal transduction and disease-resistant genes in plant system.

The research will primarily focus on the genetics and molecular
biology of pathogen recognition by plants.  We are currently
investigating cotton and its fungal pathogen Fusarium with a
goal of understanding the molecular basis of gene-for-gene
specificity.  We have identified and partially analyzed
recognition proteins from resistant and susceptible cotton
plants.  The project will involve further characterization of
these molecules, including the resistance gene cloning and
transgenic plant studies, and will also involve in knowing how
the recognition signal transduces to the cascade defense
process, such as the phytoalexin production.

The successful applicants should have a background of plant or
microbial genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry and
pathology, or the desire and demonstrable capacity to acquire
such skills. Candidates for PhD student should be able to speak

The positions are available immediately for one year in the
first instance, renewable for up to four.

Applicants should send a CV  to :
                                Dr. Teng-yung Feng
                                Institute of Botany
                                Academia Sinica
                                Taipei, Taiwan  11529

or contact by :         tel.  886-2-7899590 ext. 224
                        fax   886-2-7827954
                        e-mail  bofeng at twnas886 or  bofeng at ccvax.as.edu.tw

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