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T-DNA pools/RI lines

Randall L Scholl rscholl at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Wed Apr 8 15:08:35 EST 1992

Subject:  Description of Seed Stocks of RI lines and T-DNA Pooled
               Populations - Survey of Demand

     Several potentially high-demand seeds stocks are currently
being received by the Nottingham and Ohio State stock centers (the
OSU center will accept orders starting April 20). It is
anticipated that the pooled T-DNA transformed populations,
currently being produced by Dr. Feldmann, will be received within
two months. The RI lines donated by Dr. Scolnik of Du Pont have
been received, and we expect to receive the RI lines of Dr. Dean
this autumn.  Since all of these are labor-intensive items, we
would like to conduct an informal survey of demand for these.  

Descriptions of stocks:

A. T-DNA pooled populations: 

     Approximately 5000 plants, independently transformed
with an Agrobacterium T-DNA, have been self-fertilized to
produce progeny lines. Seeds from these lines are currently
being harvested, in pooled lots each originating from a total
of 20 transformants, by Dr. Feldmann at the University of
Arizona.    These pools can be distributed as harvested,
which would consist of approximately 250 seed lots or
combined into larger pools.  The most likely alternate
strategy would be the creation of pools consisting of 100
initial transformants.   For this scheme, 50 samples of seeds
would constitute one complete screening.  

     This population will be distributed in the following
way: The size-100 pools will be employed for most requests. 
For all but the most difficult screens, these will be most
convenient.   The associated size-20 pools for each larger
pool will be available on an individual basis for
rescreening, if they are needed by the investigator.  For
those individuals who absolutely require the smaller pool
size, the size 20 pools will be provided.  Initially, no
charge for receiving any of the material will be assessed. 
However, if excessive demand occurs, charges may have to be
made, especially in the case of the size-20 pool population.

     NOTE: The final batch of T- DNA lines is currently
being propagated by Dr. Feldmann. The  T-DNA pools will be
made available to  everyone on an equal basis as soon as they
become available to the Centers - probably by the end of May.

B. Individually isolated T-DNA mutants:

     Several classes of mutants including morphological,
developmental, embryo lethal, early flowering and others have
already been isolated from Dr. Feldmann's populations. 
These will be made available through the Centers as
individual mutant stocks.  They are anticipated to be
available for distribution on April 20.

C. Du Pont RI lines:

     An F2 population of the cross, ecotype WS x W100 (the
Koornneef mapping line possessing 9 morphological markers in
the Landsberg background), was generated.  Random plants from
this population were self-pollinated and single-seed descent
was practiced through the F7 generation, after which the
resulting plants were bulk-propagated.  These 159 lines form
a base population for  RFLP and RAPD mapping.  Many
polymorphisms have already been mapped in this population so
that new probes mapped in the population are automatically
placed relative to a fairly dense map.  NOTE:  An alternate
set of RI lines, developed by Dr. Caroline Dean, should be
available in October, 1992.  They are isolated from a cross
between the ecotypes Columbia and Landsberg. Those lines for
which was received will be available for distribution for
distribution on April 20, our initial ordering date. The
remainder will be available after propagation.

          To respond, please fill out the following form and
e-mail it to either center.  The addresses are:

Dr. Mary Anderson   plzmlh at vax.ccc.nottingham.ac.uk
Dr. Randy Scholl    seeds at genesys.cps.msu.edu

     Your cooperation in establishing, as accurately as possible,
the extent of demand for these items will greatly assist in
providing these and other services to the community.

Thank you.

Randy Scholl
Mary Anderson



I would like to receive the following items:

RI lines from Du Pont    (Yes or No; only 
one set 156 lines will be sent) ______________

T-DNA pooled populations (give number of sets desired)___

I would prefer to receive the T-DNA lines in the following form:

___ 50 pools of size 100 each.

___ 250 pools of size 20 each.


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