Time to Donate to the Methuselah Mouse Prize

Reason reason at longevitymeme.org
Sat Nov 22 14:35:52 EST 2003

The Methuselah Mouse prize is gathering momentum. I think this recent
article from the New York Times is something of a landmark for the
radical life extension community, and very legitimizing in certain
wider circles.


The prize is a recently-launched effort to draw more attention and
funding to medical research that will lead to far longer, healthier
lives. This medical research is the wellspring of your future health:
without it, you will age, suffer and die no matter what you do or how
much you spend.


Research prizes are an amazingly effective way of inspiring scientific
research: every dollar in a research prize typically results in 16
dollars in research funding. The X Prize (http://www.xprize.org) is a
current example of a very successful prize - it grew from $10,000 to
$10 million over the past 7 years and is expected to be won in 2004.
More on this topic here:


Here is my pitch for donations: giving a small donation to the
Methuselah Mouse prize is a better long-term use of a few dollars for
your health than anything else I can think of. Now is the time when a
small donation can snowball to have very large effects on future
research. The Methuselah Mouse prize is currently the only research
prize aimed squarely at the new fields of regenerative medicine and
healthy life extension. It is a loud venture, and is making waves and
turning heads.


Right now, the number of donors is more important than the amount
donated. Wealthy philanthropists are far more likely to donate once
the prize shows a nice long list of smaller donations - vox populi at
work. So, do the smart thing and help your future health by voting
with your dollars! Action achieves far more than words, and here is
the opportunity to make great things happen in the future of medicine.

So how about you folks all jump in for $10 or $100? It's a small
amount and won't take you more than three minutes to do it online:


This small amount of money - and more importantly, appending your name
as a supporter of healthy life extension research - will have an
enormous effect on your future health and welfare: each dollar could
potentially save 685 lives according to Dave Gobel's math.

(Please note that I'm not asking you to do anything that I haven't
already done: please see the donor list at
http://www.methuselahmouse.org/donors.php - I'm in as "The Longevity
Meme", my advocacy and news organization).

Founder, Longevity Meme
reason at longevitymeme.org

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