Introduction and queries.

Paul Antonik Wakfer tom at morelife.org
Fri Dec 5 07:41:06 EST 2003

Hi Toby,

I have crossposted this to sci.life-extension because that group is much 
more active and you are far more likely to get helpful replies there.
Good luck.

--Paul Wakfer

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Toby wrote:
> Hello everyone, I'm new here on this group, but I've been interested
> in life extension for about 3 years now.
> I have unusual reasons for being interested in life extension. I am 22
> (nearly 23), male, Australian  and have cerebral palsy and associated
> disabilities. What started as an interest in living until my
> disabilities could be treated and living a long healthy life
> thereafter has developed into a desire to see mammalian aging, at
> least, understood and acted upon in my lifetime.
> Some points my Mum makes to oppose life extension:
> "The world is overcrowded already." (Counter: Shortages are regional
> not global and will not always be a problem."
> "A body that old would get worn out. (Counter: Isn't life extension
> about reversing and stopping ageing? Would nobody, except by choice,
> get old?)
> "It won't happen in our lifetime" (Counter: Don't have one! :-) )
> Thanks everyone, please respond
> Yours sincerely
> Toby

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