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Wed Jan 30 17:40:29 EST 2002

Proteolysis is the type of protein destruction for examle in proteosomes by
action of enzymes proteases (trypsin, chymotrypsin, pepsin, peptidases), the
type of action of this enzymes is the destruction of peptide bond between
the specific amino acids. Ka is the constant of dissotiation between the
enzyme an substrate, if your substrate is full of Mg2+ its Ka will be higher
and towards. It depends upon the ionic power of your buffer
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> Hi,
>   I am a student and reading a very difficult article, so it seems to
> me. Please explain what proteolysis is, I understand it is the
> hydrolysis of proteins to break them but not denature them. Is this
> correct or not please explain?
>   Also what is Ka-Mg2+ ?  I know that Ka is the acid dissociation
> constant but how does it apply to Mg2+ I don't understant this. Please
> explain if I am in the right track or does it represent something
> totally different? Thanx a mil.

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