Welcoming this effort

J Guth jhguth at earthlink.net
Tue Jan 29 21:45:56 EST 2002

Dear Tarik

I just read about your effort from Aubrey de Grey and would welcome someone
to try and "rejuvenate" this group back to its principle purpose.  We may
not yet know everything about how to turn back the aging clock in ourselves,
but you could very well find the secret to doing that for this forum.  I
have been both active and semiactive in aging research at the cellular and
subcellular level for the last 30+ yrs and find active discussions amongst
scientists, students and committed scholars of different backgrounds to be
the best environment in which to excite the imagination and develop clarity
where none existed before.  I only ask that you work to keep the science at
the highest level and exclude the diversions, spam and occasionaly kook.  As
moderator, you should be able to "edit" and block what goes onto the
maillist.  I urge you to set it up in a way that you cull out the things
that usually irritate most busy people.  Looking forward to your efforts.

Joseph H. Guth, Ph.D.
Interscience Research, Inc.
Norfolk, VA

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