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Tue Jul 31 07:20:51 EST 2001

Iuval Clejan wrote:

> I didn't see the word "mitochondrial" anywhere. What page?

p142 left column, five lines from the bottom.

> Supposedly it also occurs in cardiac tissue, but I haven't seen these
> references

Correct; PubMed using "tetraploid cardiac" gives several.

> [higher ploidy] is almost certainly beneficial to some liver functions.

What's your evidence of this?

> I have some reasons to guess (will be posted soon) that nulcear genes
> involved in mitochondrial maintanance (which ones are known?)

Depends what you mean by "maintenance".  Do you mean specifically repair
(e.g. of DNA)?  Antioxidant enzymes?  Lots, anyway.

> are being replicated to give an advantage to the mitochondria of the
> higher ploidy cells.  Your comments are desired...

Quite possible.  Hagen et al (Proc Natl Acad Sci 94:3064) found that in
old rats the binucleated cells had a bigger mitochondrial proton gradient,
which presumably means they had less mitochondrial membrane damage.

Aubrey de Grey

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