Help Wanted: Great pay for processing document at home

EDTI Co. info-edti at veneice.com
Thu Dec 20 04:37:07 EST 2001

     Due to high demand for document processing from both domestic
and overseas companies, EDTI Co., a mail-order company, is seeking 
individuals to work at home helping us with our expanding business:

* $2 for each envelope/circular you process, with average worker
  processing 250 envelopes per day and 400-900 for the 
  hard-working ones
* Document will be processed in the unit of packages(50 envelopes)
* Require basic English skills
* ALL business will be conducted via mail, also available to people
  from other countries at slightly different rate
* Will provide assistance and guidance if needed to ensure quality,
  details are included in our application/instruction kit.

To register, send US$20 processing fee (cash, money order or check), 
along with the application form attached below, to:

       EDTI Co.
       1730 K Street N.W., Suite 304
       Washington D.C., 20006

Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, additional 2 weeks for checks.

(To be removed from our list, reply with 'Remove' in the subject).


                              APPLICATION FORM


NAME:____________________________Date of Birth(mm/dd/yy)_______________

ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________

City: ________________State/Province:___________ZIP/POSTAL CODE:_______

Country___________ E-Mail Address______________________________________

Phone Number (         )_________________


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