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**Oxygen & Disease**
The link between the lack of oxygen and disease has now been firmly
established. Dr Spencer Way, a world-renowned scientist, claims that
insufficient oxygen means insufficient biological energy, which can result in
anything from mild fatigue to life threatening diseases.
Scientists like Dr. Way and many others now believe that the initial symptoms
of oxygen deprivation, which in actuality constitutes the gradual oxygen
starvation of the body's seven trillion cells - are as follows: 
* Overall bodily weakness 
* Joint and muscle aches 
* Depression 
* Dizziness 
* Irritability 
* Fatigue 
* Memory loss 
* Lowered immunity to colds, flu and infection 
* Bronchial problems, yeast infections, bacterial, viral and parasitic

**Oxygen & Memory**
Thirty-second blasts of pure oxygen will double your recall for several
minutes, and the effect will last for 24 hours. These findings were made by
Andrew Scholey and Mark Moss, of the University of Northumbria who conducted
blind tests with a sample of volunteers inhaling through a mask for 30 seconds,
some of them breathing in oxygen and others ordinary air.

Oxygen supplementation restores your body's own oxygen balance closer to the
high natural range it was originally designed to function within.

The source information contained herein and on all of the pages of this site is
not intended to make any claims that herbs or any other supplement or treatment
can cure or prevent disease and the FDA has not reviewed or approved the
information on this site. The FDA requires we say this.  Supplements have been
offering relief for nearly every known illness since the dawn of man, long
before today's conventional medical practices.  If you are ill, regardless of
any other therapies, you should be under a doctor's care and/or supervision.   

Please do not heat the canister above 50 degrees C (122 degrees F). Protect
from sunlight and frost. Keep away from open fire or sparks or flames. Keep in
a safe place away from children. Not to be used by children.

Visit the web site address: http://www.oxygen.accessweb.co.uk/ to purchase the
life giving canisters. 

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