is an organic chem major good for aging research?

Mike Reilly m-reilly-without-the-spam at home.com
Sun Sep 17 14:40:48 EST 2000

Organic chem will be very important.  However, you may wish to take lots of
courses in it, but major in Biochemistry.  You will also want a lot of cell
biology and probably developmental biology.

abe simpson wrote in message <39b79f2d.1124673 at news.soltec.net>...
>Hi, I thought I would post and ask the people who read this group.  I
>am interested in going into aging research and always figured I'd
>major in cell bio.  But I talked to my organic chem teacher, and he
>recommended I major in organic chem, because  he said today's research
>is very mechanism focused, and organic chem will give me a good
>mechanism background.  Does this sound like good advice?  Thanks to
>anyone who replies.

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