extension of life-span with superoxide/catalase mimetics

Nelson J. Navarro nelsonn at epix.net
Sun Sep 3 14:55:38 EST 2000

Which reminds me of the (still ongoing?) LEF rodent lifespan studies, and
prompts me to ask, has anyone heard anything about this recently?

Nelson Navarro

Doug Skrecky <oberon at vcn.bc.ca> wrote in message
news:8ou31r$in4$1 at sylvester.vcn.bc.ca...
> Science 289(5484): 1567-1569 Sep 1,2000
> Abstract:  We tested the theory that reactive oxygen species
> cause aging. we augmented the natural antioxidant systems
> of Caenorhabditis elegans with small synthetic superoxide
> dismutase/catalase mimetics. Treatment of wild-type worms
> increased their mean life-span by a mean of 44 percent, and
> treatment of prematurely aging worms resulted in normalization
> of their life-span (a 67 percent increase). It appears that
> oxidative stress is a major determinant of life-span and that it
> can be counteracted by pharmacological intervention.

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