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EnzoKaire Complete™  - heralded by CNN as the greatest breakthrough in
alternative healthcare in years!!!

 The World’s Only Full-Spectrum Antioxidant Supplement

    In recent years, the popular and scientific press has been filled
with reports of the harmful health effects caused or aggravated by free
radicals and of the protective and regenerative effects of antioxidants,
the body’s main defense against free-radical damage. But what exactly
are free radicals and what sort of damage do they cause?

The Free Radical Story

Free radicals are molecules containing an atom with an unpaired electron
in its outer shell, making the molecule highly reactive. They are formed
naturally in the body--for example, as byproducts of normal metabolism,
by the breakdown of bacteria by white blood cells, or by enzymatic
reactions; they are also formed, in ever-increasing numbers, outside the
body by pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, motor vehicle emissions,
and many other processes. These environmental free radicals then enter
the body through the skin, respiration, and other means.

Whether formed endogenously or exogenously, once in our bodies, these
unstable free radicals rob electrons from other molecules to make
themselves more stable. In the process, they often cause damage to the
body’s cells and metabolic processes and many times turn the molecules
they have attacked into free radicals themselves. Those molecules, now
missing an electron and highly reactive, rob electrons from other
molecules, and a chain reaction occurs. This process is called
oxidation. It happens all the time in our bodies. In fact, it is
estimated that every cell in our body is attacked by free radicals
thousands of times a day.

The Body’s Defense Against Free Radical Damage

Left unchecked, oxidation can result in death. Fortunately, the body is
able to curb free-radical damage by producing antioxidant molecules and
enzymes. Their purpose is to neutralize oxidizing free radicals by
donating an electron to them or robbing one from them. The body’s
arsenal of antioxidants appears to be sufficient for keeping oxidation
in check in children and in youth, but once we reach our twenties, the
effectiveness of the body’s antioxidant defense mechanisms appears to
lessen, and free radicals are given greater rein to do damage.1 The
results appear to be, that many of the diseases we associate with aging,
including coronary heart disease, cancer, skin damage, Alzheimer’s
disease, strokes, and rheumatoid arthritis are from free-radical

Our prognosis need not be bleak, however. Plants, like humans, produce
antioxidants for their own natural defense mechanisms. So, growing all
around us are sources of antioxidants that can be ingested to augment
our bodies’ natural supply. Indeed, researchers believe that increased
dietary intake of antioxidants can slow the process of free-radical
damage and associated diseases.1  Although fruits and vegetables contain
the greatest amount of antioxidants in nature, their effectiveness as
dietary antioxidants is diminished by four factors.  (1)  the
concentrations of the different types of antioxidants in the plant
tissues vary widely, (2) ripeness, storage, and growing conditions
affect these concentrations, (3) few people ingest enough fruits and
vegetables daily for optimum free-radical neutralization, and (4)
dietary antioxidants are used up quickly by the body, requiring constant
replenishment. For all of these reasons, researchers turned from fruits
and vegetables to dietary supplementation in their search for the best
way to supply the body with the antioxidants it needs.

The Road to Enzogenol™

In the 1950s, researchers isolated oligophenolic compounds (OPCs), which
were the most potent antioxidants yet discovered, from pine bark. At the
forefront of nutraceutical research for many years, the OPCs derived
from the bark of the Pinus maritima tree, have received the most
scientific validation to date.

Still searching for the best possible source of antioxidants, Dr. Kelvin
Duncan and his associates at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand
isolated an even more effective OPC product in the mid 1990s. This
product, which they called Enzogenol, is derived from several layers of
the bark of the Pinus radiata tree, which is grown on subalpine tree
forests in New Zealand in the complete absence of pesticides and
chemical fertilizers, in air that is free from pollution.

With a unique, patent-pending process that uses only pure deionized
water rather than chemical solvents (which can leave toxic residues in
the product) to extract the components of the bark, they were able to
harvest the purest and most complete complex of antioxidants ever found
in a dietary supplement. So far, over 30 components have been positively
identified in Enzogenol, but it is believed that there are many more.1
Included in the complex are a number of significant groups of
antioxidants that are lost in extraction processes that use chemical
solvents. With such a wide array of bioflavonoids, monomeric and
oligomeric proanthocyanidins, organic acids, flavonoid glycosides,
esters, and other plant compounds, Enzogenol’s antioxidant capabilities
far surpass
those of other antioxidant supplements.

Positive Effects Seen in Laboratory Studies and Anecdotal Reports

To test the health effects of Enzogenol, Dr. Duncan and his colleagues
fed one group of mice commercial mouse pellets mixed with a normal human
equivalent dose of Enzogenol for their entire lifetime. They fed another
group the commercial mouse pellets mixed with Enzogenol at a dose that
was 100 times the normal human dose for their entire lifetime, and they
fed a third group (the control group) the mouse pellets without
Enzogenol added for their entire lifetime. The researchers found that
the mice fed Enzogenol lived significantly longer than the control group
and developed significantly fewer tumors (only 13% of the mice fed the
100x dose developed any tumors,
whereas 50% of the control group did). Further, the tumor incidence rate
was found to be
dependent on the dosage.1

When independent, “blind” observers were asked to compare the general
condition of the groups of mice, they invariably ranked the mice fed the
dose that was 100 times the normal human equivalent as having the best
condition, ranked the other Enzogenol group next, and ranked the control
group as having the worst condition. The researchers attributed the
better condition of the mice fed Enzogenol to the protective effect of
antioxidants. They also noted the possibility of improved metabolism,
citing evidence that antioxidants assist the body in the uptake of

Although clinical studies have not yet been published, people taking
Enzogenol have reported, among other benefits, a heightened feeling of
well-being, reduced pain and stiffness, higher energy levels, increased
alertness, fewer allergic reactions, a reduction in migraines, less
depression, and better sleep. In almost all cases, when Enzogenol usage
was discontinued, the symptoms returned. There has been no evidence of
negative side effects.1

EnzoKaire Complete: The Ultimate Antioxidant

In August 1998, an exciting development for all Kaire Associates
occurred: Kaire obtained the exclusive worldwide network marketing
rights along with all distribution rights for North America to
Enzogenol. But that wasn’t enough for Kaire. It immediately put its
scientists to work to make this breakthrough product even more
effective. The result was EnzoKaire Complete, the most complete,
bioavailable OPC antioxidant product available.

To Enzogenol, Kaire added the following diverse, powerful OPCs: (1)
Elderberry Fruit, which has been shown to successfully combat the flu
virus; (2) Pomegranate, which has been used throughout the Mediterranean
and Asia to combat jaundice while improving vision and eliminating
parasites; (3) Hawthorn extracts, which have long been used as a first
line of defense to support the heart; (4) European Red Grape whole fruit
and vine, known to be an abundant source of proanthocyanidins (only
recently has the antioxidant value of the leaf become known); and (5)
Alpine Snow Rose Root, a plant that grows at an altitude of 10,000 feet
in the former Soviet Republic of Georgia, requiring the highest level of
OPCs just to exist in such a harsh environment.

By synergistically combining all of these botanicals with Enzogenol, the
first stage of the delivery system is established. Kaire has produced
the only full-spectrum OPC supplement in the world.

The second stage of the delivery system is based on a phospholipid
coating of the OPC ingredients, since studies have indicated that some
lipids can enhance nutrient bioavailability by as much as 300 percent.
Finally, Kaire coated EnzoKaire Complete with a state-of-the-art,
beta-carotene-enriched antioxidant micro-coating nutrient delivery

With EnzoKaire Complete, Kaire has created the ultimate antioxidant.
Kaire has taken the standard of quality to the highest level by
guaranteeing 100% true OPC value per 60 mg or 120 mg tablet of EnzoKaire
Complete. This means, that there are more milligrams of the OPC
ingredients (22% greater), so that the true net OPC value (100%) is
obtained. With this high standard in place, coupled with the
phospholipid enhancement, EnzoKaire Complete becomes the most effective,
highly bioavailable antioxidant supplement. Combining the best of nature
and science, EnzoKaire Complete is 100% pure and natural.  Like all
other Kaire nutritional products,  EnzoKaire Complete is produced under
the highest quality control standards. Available only from Kaire, it
will play an essential role in your fight against the ravages of today’s


As a dietary supplement, adults take two tablets and children (8-12
years) take 1
tablet daily with food or as directed by your health professional.

Informative References:

1. Duncan, K., Fighting Free Radicals: The Enzogenol Story.
Christchurch, NZ: The Pacific Scientific Press, 1998.

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