I hope you remain in you senior high school for next 9 years

dav dav1 at SoftHome.net
Fri Sep 24 10:30:51 EST 1999

John Bradley ha scritto nel messaggio
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>I read that DNA breaks down over time, use, and exposure to
radiation and
>that this maybe the main cause of cancer.  So why cant we just
replace all
>our DNA we with freshly made DNA  from lets say, bone marrow
which really
>makes its own transporting device: red blood cells, and is stem
>tissue. With alot of engineering why can't red blood cells
transport DNA
>like a virus would. I'm only a senior in high school and i'll
have to wait
>a good 9 years before i can advance this idea anymore.
>please reply either to this group or my email at
mr_sleep8 at hotmail.com i
>would love to hear any critizim or further ideas

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