Microarray geneset

Magnus Lynch mdl24 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Sep 23 10:28:55 EST 1999


For my third year research project, I am using a DNA microarray to
investigate the changes of genes expression in mouse tissues with aging.
My gene set comprises of the following categories of genes:

Yeast aging gene homologues
Worm aging gene homologues
Selected interesting genes
Mitochondrial Genome
Apoptosis genes
Cell cycle / checkpoint control
Dna polymerases
Dna repair
Heat shock genes
Heterochromatin / Histone
Protein degradation
Radical detoxification
Telomere maintenance
DNA methylation alters expression (maybe!)
Involved in imprinting
Involved with nucleosome

If you have any other categories of genes which you would like me to
look at or any particular genes which you are interested in, post them
and I will add them to my gene set.

Magnus Lynch

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