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Sorry for this long note. But I may never get another chance to tell you about this.
You may never have another chance to find out.

Personal Statement: My blood pressure has gone down to 
122/78 from over 147/119 in less than one month. 

Even my doctor can't believe it but don't take my word (or anybody else’s word) for it.

Look! chances are you, your loved ones, and everybody you know are quite healthy and wealthy.
If so, to God be the glory. 

 If not, you owe it to yourself and loved ones to find out more about this fruit that has been used by the people of French Polynesia for over 2,000 years. 

 Somebody once asked Rev Jesse Jackson why he kept running for president when he knew he could never win. 
His response? Let me paraphrase: "In life, if you try, you might succeed. If you don't, you've already failed."

God engineered your body to be self-healing. 
God also provided both humans and animals alike with proper diets in the form of leaves and fruits so that the body can maintain good health.
There is a gift of nature that has been known to:

 Help the body to lower high blood pressure. 
Help the body to regulate sleep, temperature and mood cycles through its melatonin and serotonin content. 
Help the body to increase body energy. 

Help the body to boost its anti-inflammatory and anti-histaminic agents. 
Help the body to alleviate pain. 
Help the body to protect itself against digestive
and heart damage because of its antibacterial properties.
Help the body to produce agents that inhibit pre-cancer function and growth of cancer tumors. 

Help the body to protect itself against a host of other health problems. 

About 85% of all people who drink the juice of this 
miracle fruit from paradise experience positive health benefits. 

I'll send you a FREE (no obligation) audio tape containing: 

What Every Doctor Should Know About Noni by Dr Mona Harrison. 

Misc. testimonies from people like you and me. 
Call toll-free: 1-888-800-6339 Ext. 1020

Quote: "It’s actually insulting to talk about money in light of all the health benefits that this product has afforded so many." 
…Anonymous Me.

But many distributors of this product have gone from $0 to over $19,000 a month in 18 months. 
I decided I’d better start telling people, now. 
Folks are actually earning as much as $57,000 a month simply by telling people their 
personal TRUE testimony. 

Why not me? Why not you? 

Excellent Health 
Excellent Income 

I call it double blessing. After all what is wealth without good health? 

Call toll-free: 1-888-800-6339 Ext. 1020

You know there's no telling how many healing plants man
has destroyed along with thousands of acres of rain-forests.
Thank God this one particular plant is still around. 

Your FREE tape awaits.

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