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Silver Medal at the Geneva Inventions show 1999.

At the present time, scientific studies tend to bring to the fore, the possible
harmfulness of the waves emitted by mobile phones.
According to certain studies conducted in Belgium, the electromagnetic waves
emitted by mobile phones ; during their use on the near, close to the brain;
bring a 1°C temperature increase of the cerebral issue, at the cortex level. At
a reduced scale, everything happens like in a micro-wave oven, the brain
undergoing a warn up. Certain scientific put forward the hypothesis, that this
warming up could on term, cause cancerous tumours.
So its urgent and important to propose to the million of people ; in possession
of a mobile phone ; to take preventive measures. This even before new studies,
will go further on the subject, with precise measurements and statistics on the
harmfulness of these waves.
That's what intend to do the POLLU-STOP H.F. INTERATIF. Conceived and 
manufactured in France, it limits the harmful effects of mobile phones.

We propose you our POLLU-STOP H.F. under thermoformed hard plastic.

Small : 2,5 x 5 cm, thin : 1 mm, the Pollu-stop H.F. is easy to make use of, by
simply sticking the adhesive patch on the back of the mobile phone.

On this subject you will find enclosed :

	If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact 
 126 Impasse JUVENAL
30 900 NIMES   France
on telephone (33) 4 66 38 95 20 or fax (33) 4 66 04 18 79

POLLU-STOP Lastly allow and recognized by the dignified professional of job who
they're make.

Indeed the magazine of a mobile phone the must important in French, "MOBILE
MAGAZINE" to undertake to open courageously the discussion on "the health and
the mobile phone", in this number of September.

In this file the writing of "POLLU-STOP" is a true protection against
electromagnetic pollution.

After has obtained the Silver Medal at the Geneva Inventions show 1999, this is
a extra argument for the credibility of our product.

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