Shortcuts to molecular biology protocols

Long lilc79 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 24 23:24:34 EST 1999

Dear Researchers,

There is a great site at http://biousa.hypermart.net which has
collected a huge body of molecular biology protocols which are well
categorized and just a click away. You can find whatever protocol easily
and you can also search this site for a protocol..

There is also a Molecular Biology Method Forum for you to post and
answer questions. You can find answers to your question immediately
after your question and all the articles are searchable by keywords. You
can retrieve old articles very easily.



begin 666 Me.vcf
M24P[4%)%1CM)3E1%4DY%5#IL:6QC-SE >6%H;V\N8V]M#0I2158Z,3DY.3 V
7,C54,#0R-#,T6 at T*14Y$.E9#05)$#0H`

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