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Dr. Sydney Shall sydney.shall at kcl.ac.uk
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private wrote:

> OK, I have finally finished the Nature article about p66.  I have one
> question.  The mice that lived longer had higher resistance to
> apotosis than controls.  Is apotosis thus something to be prevented?
> I think I am kind of confused because of previous comments by Aubrey
> (sorry Aubrey don't mean to bother you).  I don't remember exactly
> what he said, but it was something about how apotosis was helpful for
> the body to repair damaged cells....I think....Anyways, does this
> article prove that apotosis is something that should be focused on as
> something to be prevented in order to increase life span?

Perhaps our young friend has made an essential observation. Perhaps,
just perhaps apoptosis is important because it would require replacement
of cells.  Perhaps, when cell replacement becomes deficient we realise
that we have "aged"??  Just perhaps!

Have a happy New Year all.


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