Decorate your cake and eat it too

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Mon Dec 6 03:38:09 EST 1999

Decorate your cake and eat it too 
A beautifully decorated cake can add delight to any special occasion. It's a personal touch 
that will be appreciated by everyone present (even those watching their waistlines). And 
while anyone can slap some frosting or sprinkle some powdered sugar on a cake, true 
decoration takes patience and skill. It also calls for a little imagination. 
We'll explain what you'll need to wow the folks who will get to enjoy your baking prowess. 
Just remember: this is one case where looks are definitely everything--at least until someone 
takes the first bite. 

Order your bake-a-cake for the holidays..........it's fun !!!!!!  Cost $5.50 will be sent snail mail

Mail Check to: 

Providence Home Crafts
336 Jim Mann Rd. 
Franklin, NC 28734

Payment by check or money order in U.S.A. Funds only please.

Have a great and SAFE holiday season!

No matter what happens in your life,
know that God is waiting with open arms

This is a one time mailout..........God Bless You !
Don't sweat the small stuff !!

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