Original Source of Colloidal Minerals

tjclark at PRODIGY.COM.MX tjclark at PRODIGY.COM.MX
Sun Dec 5 10:40:59 EST 1999

Have you been looking for the Original Source for Colloidal 
Minerals???  Almost everyone who calls us lately tells us they 
have been looking for us for a long time.  I guess just because we 
have been around for almost 80 years doesn't mean that everyone 
has an easy time finding us.  Since we are manufacturers and many 
companies sell our products under their own label, many calls are 
just to determine whether or not they are getting the real thing. 
  Anyway, here we are and here are our phone numbers:

T. J. Clark & Company
Toll Free (800) 228-0872
International (435) 634-0309
Fax (435) 634-0308

If you are wondering why there is no email address, that's not our 
fault.  Strange and ominous things are happening as the big boy's 
struggle for control of the World Wide Web. As you can imagine 
it's very big bucks for the victors and those big bucks are 
destined to come out of your pockets, indirectly (covertly) of 
course.  We've launched our own investigation and will give you a 
progress report on our fax on demand after the first of the year 
if you're interested.  That number is (435) 634-0309 then press 
option 4. 

If you would like to be on our mailing list please call us and 
give us your email address.

If you would like to be off our mailing list, don't worry, we 
won't mail you again unless you request to be on our list.  That 
works, doesn't it?

If we have managed to annoy you with this email, please don't get 
mad.  Like all companies, we simply needed to tell people where we 
are.  We explored our options and we felt that you wouldn't mind 
pushing a simple delete button.  After all, think of the things we 
didn't do: We didn't clutter your email screen with another 
permanent button.  We didn't produce an ear-piercing commercial to 
air in the middle of your favorite TV program.  We didn't make 
annoying phone calls in the middle of your dinner.  We could go on 
and on but you get the drift.  This is the least invasive way we 
could find to convey our simple message.  Perhaps the best part 
is, this way doesn't ad to the cost of our products and while that 
may not mean much to you it does mean a lot to those who depend on 
them. Anyway, thanks for being understanding and by the way, we do 
have a holiday special if you're interested (it's a good one).  
Just call us and give us your address and we'll email it to you.

>From our family to yours, we hope this special Holiday Season 
brings you the very best of health, vitality and all that you wish 

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