Aging, Thermodynamics and Life

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Subject: Aging, Thermodynamics and Life 

Date: 8 May,1998

Subject: Aging, Supramolecular chemistry and thermodynamics of
biological evolution, Thermodynamics of origin of life,
Macrothermodynamics, Supramolecular thermodynamics, Self-assembly of
supramolecular structures, Supramolecules and Assemblies, Adaptation

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                 "Thermodynamics of Aging", Report (AAAS), 1998 

 The findings of macrothermodynamics (supramolecular thermodynamics) of
quasi-closed   systems and the published data about the variation of the
chemical composition of living organisms in ontogeny confirm the
thermodynamic tendency of aging processes. According   to the
thermodynamic theory the specific value of the Gibbs function of the
formation of supramolecular structures of the organism tends to a
minimum. That tendency explains the   variation of the supramolecular
and chemical composition and the morphology of tissues  during aging.
The theory makes it possible to define the principles upon which proper
diets   and medications can be devised to slow down aging. Such diets
and medications are also   useful in preventative care and in the
treatment of various pathologies and among them   those specific for the
old age. The principle of the stability of chemical substance of the
supramolecular structures of tissues makes it possible to understand the
causes of  practically unlimited evolution of the biological world from
the position of the Second Law in its classical definition.

Review of the work has been published in Journal of Biological Physics, 
Volume 23, issue 2 (June 1997), pp.129-131

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