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In article <35BE1DD9.C4E1D8AF at nospam.com>, james at nospam.com says...
>I wouldn't worry too much about this lack of information from Advanced
>Tissue Sciences.  The fact that growth factors can extend the replicative
>potential of cells is starting to be worked by other people now, so more
>information should be forthcoming shortly.  I have it on good authority that
>other GF's have a similar effect (at least to certain cell types, when 
>As an aside, all of these substances probably promote cancer progression, 
and so
>are going to have the same pitfalls and limitations that telomerase does 
>won't be as effective since the cells will still eventually go into crisis).

You're right, James, there is a lot of work being done on the various growth 
factors.  A Medline Search comes up with over 160,000 papers including the 
phrase "growth factor".

I've reviewed a number of articles and read the abstracts on a small portion 
of these papers and some very exciting work is going on.  

Unfortunately most of the papers I've reviewed say somthing like, "we applied 
tranforming growth factor beta2 to epidermal cells which allowed these cells 
to grow on a matrix of synthetic fibers..." but they don't explain how these 
growth factors work.  What cellular mechanism is being activated by these 
growth factors?  What is their effect on other cellular systems like the 

I guess I could try to read all 160,000 of these papers to try to decipher 
whats going on but I was just hoping that someone out there could point me in 
the right direction.  Is there a "landmark" study on which this research is 
building on or is there any theoretical discussions in a Journal or book that 
might help me understand the framework underlying this research?

Any help anyone out there could provide would be greatly appreciated.

By the way, James, I would have responded sooner to your post but it didn't 
appear on my news-server until today.

Thomas Mahoney, Pres.
Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.

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