Tom Matthews tmatth at netcom.ca
Fri Jul 24 18:13:38 EST 1998

Excelife wrote:
> I may be "demonizing" these companies but they are "killing" us!

Please be careful the way you say things. I don't wish to turn this ng
into a political forum, but this statment is quite invalid. One *must*
be careful to differentiate between coercive or active, direct harm and
the appropriate individual freedom of choice with ones ideas and speech
which everyone *must* be allowed. They are no more "killing" us, but
refusing to divulge information, than we are "killing" those in the
hunger and poverty stricken three world, by refusing to give them all
our wealth beyond subsistence level.

> Each day
> they refuse to share information on processes that have a direct relation to
> cellular aging is a days delay in the research into longevity.  How many days
> do you have left?

You have a perfectly valid complaint and I share your anger and wish to
denounce this kind of action and to ostracize those taking it. Just
don't call such a passive action "killing". I will end here because
discussion of this issue and its possible solutions is not appropriate
to two of these ngs. 
Tom Matthews
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