"GH increases intracranial pressure, & makes you hyperglycemic"

Robert Ames gnome at istar.ca
Wed Jul 22 14:26:26 EST 1998

In article <19980722062631.29024.qmail at hotmail.com>,
etoussier at HOTMAIL.COM ("Ellis Toussier") wrote:

>>4. Malozowski S, Tanner LA, et al. 1993. Growth Hormone,
>>Insulin-like Growth Factor I, and benign intracranial
>>hypertension. NEJM. 329:665-666 (letter).
>Mr. Ames, since this is such a serious side effect, I would like to know 
>and hope you can tell us what was the dosage that these 23 affected 
>And so that we can calculate the probability of having this side effect, 
>Also, since your post on DejaNews is dated July of 1996, and the report 
>Also "of course it makes you hyperglycemic"... Dr. Ronald Klatz writes 

You seem to be cross-examining me.  Who the fuck are you?  Some
anonymous druggie from Hotmail.  There are 15 references on
intracranial pressure and GH on Medline.  Look it up yourself, I'm
not doing your research for you.

>In his earlier studies, Bengtson found that growth hormone treatment 
>increased insulin resistance in patients after 6 weeks of treatment.  
>But after six months of treatment, their insulin sensitivity returned to 
>where it was before starting treatment.
>Bengtson believes that the profound changes in body composition after 
>six months may have counteracted its effect on insulin.  There is a 
>close association between central obesity and insulin resistance.

This is a good point.  Hyperglycemia is a problem in the use of GH
for treating children with growth problems.  This had led to the
suggestion that it should be combined with IGF-1 for synergy.
However, in treatment of adults, particularly if they have a
deficiency of the hormone, the situation can be different.  Insulin
resistance is inversely correlated with capillary density.  By reducing
fat, one will increase sensitivity to insulin.  So what this shows
is that if one is going to take GH, he should also get involved
in an exercise and diet program designed to burn up the extra
blood sugar.

However, I do not think that GH has ever been approved for use as an
anorectic.  Maybe you should try phen/fen :)

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