ALL: Immortality via telomere vector?

Roger Bodine Roger at ORO.NET
Tue Jul 21 10:24:26 EST 1998

I have been following a company recently that seems to be working on a
delivery system called TeloVector "...designed to synthesize sequence
specific single strands of DNA in cells to repair telomere ends
shortened during cell division."  Perhaps you are familiar with this
company, Cryogenic Solutions Inc. (OTC BB: CYGR)  I am far from being an
expert, and am
uncertain as to the validity of thier claims.  I was hoping you might be

able to give me your opinion as to how close they might be to actually
achieving this DNA expression vector.  I have been an "immortalist"
(just trying to cheat death!) for many years now, and have kept my ear
close to the ground when it comes to any new breakthroughs, so I am
quite anxious to learn of anything which might allow us to break the
basic cycle of cellular breakdown.  A learned perspective would be most
welcome regarding the works of Cryogenic Solutions.  Here is their

Thank you for taking the time to review this material, I look forward to

hearing from you
Adam Bodine
Archaeologist and President of Geo Specialists

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