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>>In some of my posts I have raised questions regarding transforming growth
>>factor beta2,(TGF), and it's effects on the longevity of epidermal cells.  
>>The responses, (save one), I have received have been a deafening silence.  
>>one out there seems to know about this research or it's implications.  Why 
>>not you ask!  Well it seems that Genzyme Corp. who has this product in 
>>2 clinical trials hasn't published a damn thing about it!
>U.S. patents 5,599,788 and 5,624,840, assigned to Advanced Tissue
>Sciences Inc. deal with regenerating skin and liver cells with H3
>protein induced by TGF beta.  I believe clinical trials are underway
>for a technique to help diabetics with the foot problems they
>experience, and a second set of clinical trials is being readied
>for liver patients.  The technique involves a nylon mesh scaffold on
>which the organ in question is regenerated.  It is applicable to many
>organs and is conceivably an alternative to transplants in some cases.

Thank you for the information. It's refreshing to see that some people are 
keeping up on the latest research.

Unfortunately, Advanced Tissue Sciences, Inc is as bad as Genzyme Corp.  To 
quote their website "Advanced Tissue Sciences is a tissue engineering company 
utilyzing its PROPRIATARY core technology to develop and manufacture human 
tissue products..." (emphasis added).  I did a Medline search, a periodical 
search and a BioMedNet search and could't find anything published by this 
Company.  Some of the bio-chemists associated with the Company may have some 
published research but nothing that that speaks to their current research 
into tissue re-generation.

They are not alone, a list of companies can be found at 
http://www.orthoknow.com/tissueregeneration.htm.  I haven't checked all the 
companies on the list but I doubt if any one of them has published their 
"propriatary" research in any peer review Journal.

This research is going on behind locked doors, they are not going to share 
the information and you can bet that if you happen to use one of their 
patented procedures you'll be talking to their attorneys.

>>Well it seems that Genzyme Corp. who has this product in phase
>>2 clinical trials hasn't published a damn thing about it!
>Wouldn't it be unethical to publish about unfinished clinical trials?

Isn't it unethical to not publish anything at all?  If it were just a matter 
of waiting for the clinical trials to finish I would have no objection.  But 
even the patent applications are "incomplete".  They do have to disclose the 
final procedure and the chemical analysis of the final product as well as 
proof that it works but they don"t have to and actually refuse to disclose 
the procedures used to develop the final product; it's propriatary.

Now I don't begrudge thse companies a return on their not un-substantial 
investments and if we were talking about detergents or food additives I would 
even say it was appropriate.  But we're talking about procedures and products 
that may help lead to an extension of the human lifespan.  It's a crime to 
keep this research secret!

>Estradiol and Raloxiphene (estrogens) activate TGF beta3 in the estrogen
>receptor and likewise phytoestrogens like Quercetin seem to have
>this effect. So perhaps there will be some herbal or "dietary supplement"
>options, once it the mechanism is understood.

Indeed, a medline search under growth factor shows much research being 
conducted in this field and some of the research could lead to beneficial 
effects from "dietary supplements".  The question remains. how much of this 
research is just replicating work already accomlished by these Multi-National 
Companies?  How much time, effort and money is being wasted because they 
won't publish their results?  And finally, what guarantee is there that they 
will share any results that may actually help extend the human lifespan?

Thomas Mahoney, Pres.
Lifeline Laboratories, Inc.


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