Growth Hormone, Deprenyl, EDTA chelation therapy, etc.

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>I _have_ read the PDR, the British National Formulary, Medline, the WWW
>and other published literature.
>The reports I've read, the anecdotal evidence from my doctors and
>they're patients, and _personal experience_ indicate that these side
>effects (in appropriate doses) are infrequent, mild and/or transitory
>(and in the case of your citation 'benign').

"Benign" intracranial hypertension or psuedotumor cerebri has that
name to distinguish it from brain cancer, which causes some of the
same symptoms.  Among other things, it can cause progressive loss
of vision to the point of blindness:

Shapiro JS. 1978. Benign intracranial hypertension. Am Fam Physician
1978 Apr;17(4):155-158

  The most serious complication of this syndrome is visual loss and in
  these patients the disease is not "benign."

>For those of us that need to take this stuff your 'chicken little' style
>of post can be disturbing.

The question I answered was whether GH caused high blood pressure.
God forbid I should disturb you by giving a correct answer.

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