Growth Hormone, Deprenyl, EDTA chelation therapy, etc.

Tom Warner tom at dfind.com
Thu Jul 16 19:41:39 EST 1998

Robert Ames <gnome at istar.ca> wrote:

> You know, the tradition for scientific newsgroups is that you're
> supposed to do some minimal research before asking questions.  The
> info on GH is in any standard reference, like the PDR for example.

A bit touchy Robert. The way you stated it made it look like inevitable
and pronounced side effects:

>>GH increases BP and in particular increases intracranial pressure,
>> which could be of concern to people prone to hemorrhagic strokes.
>> And of course it makes you hyperglycemic.

I _have_ read the PDR, the British National Formulary, Medline, the WWW
and other published literature.

The reports I've read, the anecdotal evidence from my doctors and
they're patients, and _personal experience_ indicate that these side
effects (in appropriate doses) are infrequent, mild and/or transitory
(and in the case of your citation 'benign').

For those of us that need to take this stuff your 'chicken little' style
of post can be disturbing.

Your post appeared to contradict virtually everthing I've read and
experienced. My question was polite and investigative because I wanted
to know how you came to such definitive (and frightening) conclusions.

All the best,
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Its ultimate indictment is
that not even the Germans
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