Growth Hormone, Deprenyl, EDTA chelation therapy, etc.

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Robert Ames wrote:
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> jwwright <jwwright at livingston.net> wrote:
> > actually just collecting data, wondering if gh will reduce blood
> > pressure.
> GH increases BP and in particular increases intracranial pressure,
> which could be of concern to people prone to hemorrhagic strokes.
> And of course it makes you hyperglycemic.

Neither of these sound very healthful or antiaging to me.
High blood glucose causes faster accumualtion of advanced glycosylation
end-products (AGEs). This is thought to be a major reason why diabetics
age faster.

CR, which is *known* to be antiaging, lowers blood pressure and lowers
average blood glucose level. This last is thought to be one of its major
benefits and the main reason for its lifespan extension.

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