Growth Hormone, Deprenyl, EDTA chelation therapy, etc.

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> > actually just collecting data, wondering if gh will reduce blood
> > pressure.
> I am hoping that it will.  I know that, for me, losing weight = lowering blood
> pressure.  That is often true, but not true for everyone.  Actually, nothing
> that I am using now seems to affect it much one way or the other.
> > i assume your gh is
> > replacement medication as opposed to a supplement since you are doing it
> > under a dr's supervision.
> That's correct.  He started with a lot of lab tests, including IGF-1,
> testestosterone, free testosterone, and a bunch of other stuff.  Levels were
> typical for my age, but the current thinking among anti-aging mds seems to be
> to try to restore hormone levels to norms for a younger man.  Some shoot for
> 25, some shoot for 35.  The improvement since April has been very dramatic
> and, since I am still somewhat overweight, I expect to see continued
> improvement for a while. BTW, I have gotten some rHGH from Shanghai Medical
> in China at an extraordinarily good price.  Do you have any information on
> this product?  Do you know where I can have it tested before I risk using it?
>  I am aware of the risk of CJD if the GH is cadaver-derived.  Also, I would
> like to verify the potency.
> Regards,
> Aaron
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check out article on misc.fitness.misc by DebbieOney at aol.com about black
market gh.
apparently legitmate sources are ok.

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