Telomeric Length and TGFs

Excelife excelife at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 11 02:26:25 EST 1998

We have been following research into aging on several frontiers.  First 
and foremost we have been keeping close tabs on research into telomeres 
and the enzyme telomerase.  We have also been watching the research into 
human growth hormones and transforming growth factors(TGF).

However, we have not seen any published research comparing or 
correlating the research.  The research appears to be being conducted in 
parallel with no intersections that we can find.  If you know of any 
such research we would greatly appreciate the citations.  If you do know 
of any you can post them to the newsgroup or e-mail them to 

Assuming there has not been much research comparing these lines of 
research, a couple of questions spring to mind:

It seems that TGF inhibits, at least, epidermal cells from 
differentiating and allows the cell lines to live beyond their "Hayflick 
Limit", does it also inhibit the shortening of the telomeres?

Since cell differentiation is normally assumed to be age related is the 
TGF suppression of gene expression in any way related to possible TGF 
effects on telomeres?

If, indeed, there is a correlation between the actions of TGF and 
telomeric length then a combination of the research could possibly 
achieve not only longer cellular reproduction but may also solve the 
problem of age related genetic expression.

Comments and criticisms are welcome!

Thomas Mahoney. Pres.
Lifeline, Laboratories, Inc.


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