Growth Hormone, Deprenyl, EDTA chelation therapy, etc.

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> Tom,
> I am interested in your response to this post.
> I am 57 and currently taking GH, Testosterone replacement therapy, DHEA,
> Pregnenolone, 5-HPT, 5mg Deprenyl 3 times a week plus Prolongevity Life
> Extension Mix, 5mg folic acid/day.  As a direct result of this regime, which
> I began in April, I have been able to do 50 minutes of high intensity
> bicycling a day and I have been able to begin weight-lifting.  I follow a
> whole foods vegan diet.  I have lost about 10 lbs, but that is somewhat
> misleading because I have lost a great deal of mid-section fat and put on a
> fair amount of muscle.  I feel better than I have in years. My concern is the
> numbered protocol you propose to evaluate life extension strategies.  It
> seems more reasonable to me to evaluate stragegies on the basis of potential
> payoff rather than some smokey idea of what is physiologically
> "conservative", if you will.  I believe, for example, that Growth Hormone and
> Testosterone, are primarily responsible for the changes in my life and, by
> your lights, I would have tried a fair number of OTC materials that clearly
> have a less dramatic effect, if any, before getting to the stuff that works.
> I agree that life-style changes are critical, but for years I was not
> physically capable of making those changes.  The hormone therapies supply the
> energy and drive.  I tried pro-HGH for six months.  It may be safer, byt
> there is NO comparison. BTW, I am on 4IU/week of GH and I am under a
> physician's supervision. It is possible that, any time now, a third arm will
> appear in the middle of my chest.  I agree that the course I am on has been
> inadequately investigated.  But I can't lose.  If, instead of another 25-30
> years, I have reduced my life expectancy to another 10 or 15, I will live
> those years with energy and enjoyment, rather than seeing faculties and
> functions slowly deteriorate.  I am willing to become the Deacon's One Hoss
> Shay.  On the other hand, I may go the way of the mice who were on Growth
> Hormone and add an extra 30  or so years to my life.  It's a gamble.  But
> isn't it a gamble either way? If you ain't doing GH and can afford it, try
> it.  You'll like it.
> Aaron Sapiro
> asapiro at exit109.com
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