Growth Hormone, Deprenyl, EDTA chelation therapy, etc.

Michael Redecke mredecke at rz.hu-berlin.de
Wed Jul 8 17:13:17 EST 1998

Tom Matthews wrote:
> 1. Diet (ie standard whole foods).
> 2. Exercise (stretching, weight work, and aerobics)
> 3. Supplements of "well studied" vitamins, minerals and others.

i agree 

> > I have read that
> > melatonin is very good to avoid free-radical damage in the brain,
> It is also a potent anticancer product among many, many other benefits.

i agree also, but do not forget, that you must take large amounts of
melatonin at 
a precise time to challenge the radical-related damages to human
you would in this case get problems with your sleep perhaps or even

with greetings from berlin and please excuse my simple english

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