Growth Hormone, Deprenyl, EDTA chelation therapy, etc.

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I am interested in your response to this post.

I am 57 and currently taking GH, Testosterone replacement therapy, DHEA,
Pregnenolone, 5-HPT, 5mg Deprenyl 3 times a week plus Prolongevity Life
Extension Mix, 5mg folic acid/day.  As a direct result of this regime, which
I began in April, I have been able to do 50 minutes of high intensity
bicycling a day and I have been able to begin weight-lifting.  I follow a
whole foods vegan diet.  I have lost about 10 lbs, but that is somewhat
misleading because I have lost a great deal of mid-section fat and put on a
fair amount of muscle.	I feel better than I have in years. My concern is the
numbered protocol you propose to evaluate life extension strategies.  It
seems more reasonable to me to evaluate stragegies on the basis of potential
payoff rather than some smokey idea of what is physiologically
"conservative", if you will.  I believe, for example, that Growth Hormone and
Testosterone, are primarily responsible for the changes in my life and, by
your lights, I would have tried a fair number of OTC materials that clearly
have a less dramatic effect, if any, before getting to the stuff that works. 
I agree that life-style changes are critical, but for years I was not
physically capable of making those changes.  The hormone therapies supply the
energy and drive.  I tried pro-HGH for six months.  It may be safer, byt
there is NO comparison. BTW, I am on 4IU/week of GH and I am under a
physician's supervision. It is possible that, any time now, a third arm will
appear in the middle of my chest.  I agree that the course I am on has been
inadequately investigated.  But I can't lose.  If, instead of another 25-30
years, I have reduced my life expectancy to another 10 or 15, I will live
those years with energy and enjoyment, rather than seeing faculties and
functions slowly deteriorate.  I am willing to become the Deacon's One Hoss
Shay.  On the other hand, I may go the way of the mice who were on Growth
Hormone and add an extra 30  or so years to my life.  It's a gamble.  But
isn't it a gamble either way? If you ain't doing GH and can afford it, try
it.  You'll like it.

Aaron Sapiro
asapiro at exit109.com

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